3 Tips for Easily Cleaning Your Pool

Before having a pool, you most probably dreamed about how you are going to spend all your free time swimming in it when it’s hot outside and how you were going to host the most wild parties thanks to it, but you definitely forgot the one crucial element of owning a pool: cleaning it. It’s a time consuming chore that takes a lot of effort, but unfortunately it must be done in order to be able to use the pool without putting your health at risk, therefore it can’t be avoided. Read the following lines to find out 3 helpful tips for cleaning your pool, spending less time on cleaning the pool and more time on enjoying it by applying them.

1. Use baking soda instead of chemicals

One of the most important facets of pool maintenance is definitely the level of chemicals, because when they are low, the water starts to look murky, and it irritates your skin and eyes, being the perfect growing ground for bacteria. The only problem is that pool chemicals are expensive to buy, therefore it’s preferable to find an alternative method to keep the chemicals in the water at their ideal level. The best alternative by far that you can go with is baking soda. It may sound weird, but due to the fact that baking soda contains sodium bicarbonate, it basically does the same things that the pool chemicals you buy do, and by using it you will have a clean pool for a fraction of the price that you used to pay.

2. Remove the oils with a tennis ball

It might be unpleasant to think about it, but the truth is that when we get out of the pool, we leave oil behind that comes from hair products, suntan lotions, or even from our own skin. The best and easiest way to get rid of this unpleasant oil from the water in the pool is to throw a tennis ball inside it. The ball will effectively absorb all the oil with the help of its fibers, and the water in your pool won’t have a slick sheen on top if you use this simple trick.

3. Invest in a robotic swimming pool cleaner

The best and most complete pool cleaning device out there is definitely the robotic swimming pool cleaner, and by spending only a few hundreds of dollars you can enjoy your free time, while the robot does all the work.

A robotic pool cleaner is able to scrub the floor and walls of the pool, and to clean the water of all types of debris that may lurk in it as well, doing all this on its own, without needing any help from you. It’s an investment that is worth all the money, and it’s a real life changer due to the fact that it saves you a lot of time.