7 interior design trends for 2020

Considering remodeling your house? You may want to take a look at the interior design trends for 2020. 

Oh, the joys of the start of a new year. As we enter a new year with new goals and new resolutions, there is one more thing we need to seek: new trends. With the start of the new year, you may have already done a bit of cleaning and refreshing in your personal life. But don’t you think that your home deserves the same kind of attention too? After all, your home is your personal space in which you spend most of your time. And, you know what they say, it takes an inspiring environment to boost your creativity, productivity, and happiness. 

So, if you are considering revamping your home, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered the hottest home décor trends to help you get some inspiration.

Before we begin, can we just make a quick disclaimer? Interior design trends don’t just become updated as we enter a new year. Plus, let’s be honest, not all of us can afford to redesign our homes every year just because Instagram says it’s cool. 

However, if you’ve just bought your own home or looking for inspiration to change a thing or two about how your home looks like, this year’s interior design trends can be a great source of inspiration. So, let’s begin! 

  1. Black and white interior designs 

It’s no doubt that black and white interior designs are simply the most modern and futuristic look you can give to your home. Although it may sound like the most monotonous contrast between colors, we can actually say that the clash between light and dark is a gift from the interior design gods themselves. 

This yin and yang trend can completely change the way your home looks like. And, there are so many ideas you can use. For example, if you have large rooms and aim to create a cozier atmosphere inside your home, you can paint your walls in black and purchase white furniture and decorations. 

On the flip side, if you have small rooms, you can paint the walls in white to create a sense of spaciousness and luminosity, and buy black furniture and decorations. Also, you can use this contrast in many combinations such as a black sofa and white pillows. 

  1. Neutral colors 

Neutral colors will be once again making a comeback this year. What can we say? Neutral colors are classic, blend perfectly with any interior design style, they come in a variety of shades, and, most importantly, they are not crowded at all. And, since the minimalism trend was gaining momentum last year, neutral colors in interior designs seem to be blending perfectly with last year’s improvements we made to our homes. 

From shades of whites with cool or warm undertones to gray and beige, you have lots of options to choose from. They are great choices for your walls, but they can also work great for furniture, especially your living room sofa and bedding.  

  1. Structured simplicity 

This trend evolves from the Nordic Retreat trend that was a major thing last year. The purpose? To create a calming, cozy, and comfortable space to relax in. And, what can be better than to have this kind of space in your own home? This trend is all about making your home a safe, inviting space that encourages rest and regeneration. 

So, how can you use this trend to decorate your home? Use the warm neutral colors to create a calm atmosphere and combine different simple textures that blend well together.  You can use this interior design trend in any setting including your living room, your kitchen, or even in the bathroom.

  1. Floral wallpaper 

Floral fabrics seem so 1800’s, right? Well, not anymore because this year they are making a comeback as a very powerful interior design trend. If you are not necessarily a fan of minimalism, you can opt for floral wallpaper to create an uplifting, positive, and inspiring atmosphere inside your home. 

Now, it is, however, important to mention that this year’s floral wallpaper trend is nothing like what you used to see in your grandmother’s old house. Today, wallpaper trends incorporate floral patterns in different colors and sizes but they are however less crowded as they used to be over a century ago. 

This year’s floral wallpapers seem to include vibrant colors such as yellow and contrasting colors that will make any wall the central attraction of the room. 

  1. Crittall-style windows and doors 

Crittall-style windows and doors are also making a comeback this year because of the dreamy atmosphere create inside a home by allowing natural light in. And, if you haven’t heard about them until now, we suggest that you take a look on Pinterest to see why many people love them so much. 

However, since they bring a ton of light into a space, some people aren’t so keen on them. But don’t worry, there are many modern door and windows options that you can choose from. 

  1. Classic blue

 Believe it or not, we were waiting so finally see the color blue get its deserved credits. Let’s face it, blue is vibrant, inspiring, and the right shade of blue can make any space feel calm and inviting. 

This year, it seems that interior design trends are replacing the cool gray with the classic blue shade. It’s clean, elegant but also really uplifting and can make a space feel great. And, to be honest, it is also a really easy color to incorporate into your home. 

Classic blue works great for many elements inside a home from walls to furniture, decorations, sofa pillows, and even carpets. And, make no mistake, you don’t have to limit your creativity of using classic blue to the living room or your bedroom only, you can also incorporate it in your kitchen and bathroom for a more modern design. 

  1. Recycled homewares 

2019 was all about environmental concerns, sustainability, and responsible buying. And, let’s be honest, it is just about time to start thinking about becoming more eco-friendly with our homes’ designs too. 

It’s no surprise that 2020’s interior design trends include recycled or upcycled housewares too. So, maybe you don’t even have to spend a lot of money to make your home adapt to the hottest trends, all you have to do is to recycle and repurpose old items into new decorations, furniture, or whatever your creativity leads you to. 

Pro tip: ever heard of ocean trash art? It may be time to bring a piece of art made from ocean waste inside your home. 

 It’s official: 2020’s interior design trends will make our homes look and feel more elegant and classic yet modern, calming yet uplifting, all at the same time.