Building a career in the beauty industry: what opportunities do you have?

Undoubtedly, the beauty industry is appealing, inspiring, powerful and ever changing. Being part of it requires you to interact constantly with creative people, compare the latest products and extend your knowledge regarding self-care.  However, we bet that you would not mind that at all. You probably admired the most successful fashion designers, make-up artists and hair stylist since childhood and you always dreamed about meeting them one day or at least, revolving around the same circles. As a grown-up, you still have not eliminated this possibility from your mind and this represents a proof that you belong in the beauty industry, but you are also aware that building a successful career is extremely challenging, almost impossible. Indeed, with beauty and fashion, everything looks fabulous and luxurious, but there is discipline and hard work behind it all. When you are a fashion influences, you need to be in several places at the same time, you need to direct your attention towards multiple projects and  compete them all successfully in the last amount of time.

The struggle of breaking into the beauty industry

It sounds exciting and scary at the same time. As many motivational books you will read and as many words of encouragement you will hear, you have to realize that starting from the bottom is always difficult. Before daydreaming about your high position in the beauty industry or picturing yourself as a successful entrepreneur or empowering women, you first need to acquire the necessary education, training and certification in order to find a decent job and start from somewhere. The most important factor of all, namely experience, you will be able to accumulate after years of working with clients and exchanging information with fellow colleagues. Of course, hoping never hurt nobody, but you need to make sure that you keep your feet on the ground and your expectations realistic. Nowadays, breaking into the beauty industry requires a great amount of effort, but do not panic. Instead, you can follow the example of your favorite figures within the industry. They stood up for themselves and shoed others that they are extremely serious in regards to their job. You have to do the same.

Attending beauty school will prepare you for a successful career

Whether you want to become a nail technician, hairdresser, make-up professional, skincare specialist, beauty therapist or even fashion designer, you need to enroll in college, attend courses and pass exams. Even though each area is slightly different, there are similar methods of learning meaning that you will have to spend most of the time in the classroom with your colleagues where someone will teach you both theory and technique. In addition, you might also have both an oral and practical test. You will also have the possibility to experience the feeling of working in a real salon with real clients. Obviously, all tutors will be there to guide you at every step in case you panic or forget certain details learned during classes. The process will be great, but the reality is that you need to think about the costs. Can you afford attending a reputable cosmetology school? If not, how are you planning to raise the needed money? Do you enjoy your family support? Have you even talked with your parents about your plans? You should answer these important questions before even finding a good college to attend.

After college, you need to start job hunting and build client relationships

Once you finish school and you receive the needed certification, you have to look for a job in the field. You probably already know the salary you can obtain as a beginner, regardless of the salon. Of course, you have the right to aspire to more, whether we are talking about monetary incentives or respect in the industry and over time, you might get them both. In fact, they usually come together. Nevertheless, until them you need to apply everything you learned while in school, put your creativity and talent to test, show professionalism and attract as many clients as you can. The number of clients coming to the salon because they want you to create them a unique hairstyle, to remove their acrylic nails, to give them a natural make-up look or make their skin glow proves that you have the ability and potential of becoming an entrepreneur. Hunting the ideal job is a natural part of any adult’s life and you have many options: you can try your luck with local beauty salons, use online search engines or even seize opportunities in a foreign country. Jobiterra is extremely useful if you consider the latter because it displays all the jobs in the beauty industry available in various countries.

Career advice: lessons that might help you during your journey

During this amazing journey, sometimes you will fail and sometimes you will thrive. The most important thing is that you remember all the lessons learned along the way and you apply them later in life. First, when you are part of the beauty industry, understanding the important of teamwork is crucial because you will never be able to complete a project by yourself. You have to build a solid team of professionals with energy and patience, especially when starting your own business. Secondly, you have to make contacts. It does not matter if you are a hair stylist and the respective is a print editor or digital writer, you need to build a positive relationship with them because it might open many doors for building your successful career. In fact, you can even show interest in their everyday lives so that you do not keep everything so professional. The most important piece of advice is that you should not wait for the opportunity to knock at your door. Instead, you need to create that opportunity by yourself. Speaking of opportunities, the beauty industry is abundant in them so you should not worry about your financial stability. However, the main idea is to become a known figure in the field, not necessarily to earn loads of money, even though these two go hand in hand.