Choosing Water Treatment Systems for Well Water

There are many reasons why people choose to install a water well at home, including the fact that they live in a rural or remote area, or simply because they don’t want to depend on the water services provided by the municipality. While there are many advantages of having well water at home, including the fact that is free and the costs for installing the well aren’t that high, you also have to consider the fact that, for health reasons, this water needs to be treated. Of course, this means that you have to pay more money to invest in a high-quality water treatment system, but it’s a fair price for eliminating the possible contaminants. For water well owners, choosing such a system can be rather difficult but here we will offer you some tips that will help you make the best decision.

The Importance of a Water Filter

Even if the water well is drilled deep into the ground, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s pure. In most cases, well water can have an unpleasant smell and it usually contains all sorts of contaminants. Among the most common ones are bacteria, parasites, fungi, and so on, which means that drinking unfiltered water can seriously affect anyone’s health. For this reason, you have to acknowledge the importance of water purification. It’s true that there are many systems to choose from and this process can be frustrating for many people, but things can get much simpler if you are well-guided.

Get the Water Tested

Before starting to look after a water filter, it’s recommended that you test the water with the help of a test kit. The results will show what contaminants can be found in the water, so you can choose a filter based on those particular findings. These tests are rather easy to do and they don’t necessarily require a specialist, but for ease of mind, you can also have the water tested by a certified laboratory. After this procedure, you just have to choose a system that can successfully remove the dangerous substances found in the water.

Water Treatment Systems for Well Water Buying Guide

With the help of some tips, choosing the best water filter for your needs will be quite simple, so take a look at the most important aspects you have to consider. Even though the main purpose of the available filters is the same, namely to purify the water, not all of them deliver the same performance. Therefore, for peace of mind, make a thorough research and opt for a reliable system, like those reviewed and compared on the that can successfully eliminate the contaminants and deliver you and your family healthy water.

  • Decide Upon the Well Water Filter Type
    By deciding which type of filter you want, you will narrow your options, but first, you have to know more about the available water filters. Therefore, you have the possibility to opt for a whole house filter that was specially designed for well water in order to remove the most common contaminants found in this type of water. The advantage of such system is that it delivers clean and safe water to all faucets. Also, these systems use advanced technology that is meant to successfully eliminate the viruses and bacteria found in private well water. Another option you can go with is the under counter filters that remove contaminants from the tap water. There are many models to choose from and the top rated models also use the latest technology in the industry. The inconvenience of these systems is that they don’t provide filtered water to the entire house, so you have to install separate filters for every faucet. Additionally, you can also choose a countertop filter or even a shower filter that eliminates the harmful substance that may affect your skin.
  • Learn More about the Available Technologies
    When we talk about water filters, things can get complicated because there are all sorts of technologies that are meant to improve the efficiency of the filter you choose. For example, the reverse osmosis, also known as RO, is a technology that uses a semi-permeable membrane that is used to demineralize or deionize water, as well as to remove larger particle in order to produce safe and tasty water. This method is very popular and most people choose it because it’s very efficient. Another technology used in combination with the water treatment filters is the water softener that removes the minerals found in the earth. These minerals, like calcium and magnesium, make the water hard which usually has negative impacts on both your health and home. Additionally, you can also install to your water filter a UV filter that takes the water purification to a higher level, being able to destroy the microorganisms. The ultraviolet water purification works only if the water is clear because it can’t eliminate contaminants like heavy metals, VOCs, and so on.
  • Opt for a Top Rated Brand
    If you want to make sure you buy a reliable water purification system for your well water, it’s important that you invest in a top rated brand. Among the best brands to go with are Aquasana, Pelican, Crystal Quest,  all of them being very efficient when it comes to eliminating the harmful contaminants from the water. These brands are dedicated to manufacturing the best water treatment systems for your home, reason for which they are very popular among customers.