Eclectic home décor – how to work with this rough structural style

Very few people stay to a single style when they decorate their houses. In the majority of cases, there is a mix of styles. But in the majority of cases the combination makes the space look out of place, and there is no balance between the elements chosen to decorate the space. The eclectic style is the mixture between old and new, but you have to pay great attention to details, because it is quite easy to damage the look of a house. If in a room, where is a blend of objects from different historic times, the style of the space is called eclectic. But this does not mean that you can mix and match whatever items you have at hand and state that your house is decorated in the eclectic style. You have to follow certain rules and to decide what styles you want to work with, because you cannot mix all of them.

Establish the structure you want to work with

Before you start furnishing your house, you will have to decide what the structural theme of the space will be. As stated before it is recommended to not mix multiple styles, because you will create a kitsch impression. In case you prefer square objects, you should stick with square objects from different styles. In this way, you help them complement each other. The main mistake people do when they want to decorate their house in an eclectic style is to decorate every one of the rooms of the house in a different style. This is not a feature characteristic for the eclectic style and probably your house will look overwhelming later.

You should make sure that there is a flow between different spaces, and your home suggests a single vibe and not multiple ones. It is important all the rooms of the house to suggest the same message. You can choose two or three styles from different eras, or you can choose some styles that seem to have a connection between them. Make sure that you do not do a mishmash of every décor style available on the market.

Decide what colour scheme you prefer

When you want to design your house in the eclectic style, you have to decide what colour you want to use as a base, and use it in the entire house. Experts recommend choosing a neutral shade, white or a soft colour, because they are great to work with. When it comes to painting the walls, these are the best ones to be used, because they make rooms look bigger, and you can play with the furniture and decorations.

The eclectic style is known for the bright shades it mixes, so you have the freedom to mix and match multiple patterns and colours. There is not such a thing as too much when you choose colour combinations for cushions and rugs. But you have to make sure that you maintain a balance and you do not overdo it, because you do not want your house to look like is the victim of an explosion of colours.  You will have to establish a colour scheme with colours that complement each other.

There has to be a balance in the mix

You can mix furniture items from different areas of the world, for example, you can have in the same room Italian furniture, Scandinavian furniture and Chinese furniture, but you will have to make sure that there is a balance between them. It is advisable to have the same number of objects for every one of the styles. You have to make sure that the objects characteristic to every one of the styles are distributed in an equal manner, and they complement the overall ambiance. For example, when it comes to the bathroom you can order the shower wall panels in a bright colour and use antique decorations to embellish the space. It will help you maintain the balance between the modern and classic styles.

Pay attention to the furniture items

Eclectic décor is about mismatched pieces of furniture. You use the walls of the room as a canvas on which you paint by using décor items and furniture. It does not mean that you are free to bring all the furniture items you like, you will have to limit your options, and to find similarities between the furniture you choose. For example, you can use different models of dining chairs, but all of them has to come in the same size. You can place a vintage storage shelf in the bathroom as long as it matches in size or colour the bathroom wall panels.

You should choose furniture items that feature subtle differences, because they will add an edgy vibe to your house. When you decorate a house in the eclectic style, you can use your skills to do items and furniture pieces by yourself. You can even recycle some of the items you thought that would end at the garbage.

Work with textures when it comes to furniture, use shiny finishes for some of the items and matte ones for the others. This will help you create depth in the room, and it will make the rooms look stylish.

Art gives personality to a room

An essential element into an eclectic room is art. You have to look for art in different styles and to expose it in the same room. Use the walls of your house as your own gallery, you can hang there the pieces of art you like. To create a connection between the artwork you expose in your house, you should use the same model of frame for all your paints. Another option is to use works of art characteristic to the same style, but with different frames. These tricks will help you maintain the eclectic style without looking like you have cluttered every piece of art you have. When you choose artwork for a room, you should make sure that you use bright colours that match the rest of the decorations.