Entertaining business clients: Check out these ideas

Many businesses take client entertaining seriously. They don’t see it as just another expense. These corporations know that they are investing for the future. Being friendly and generous with guests has an impact increases loyalty. Taking into consideration that acquiring new consumers is far more difficult than retaining the existing ones, investing in corporate hospitality makes sense. Hospitality doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and it’s a good way to improve relationships. You need to entertain business clients.  But how? Here are some ideas as to what you can do.

Dinner at home  

Have you ever thought about inviting clients over for dinner? Chances are that it hasn’t even crossed your mind. Hosting a dinner party is a smart business move. The experience will make it possible for you to connect with one another and forge long-lasting relationships. Sitting across the table from someone else isn’t like standing in the office. You have the opportunity to communicate more freely, not to mention that you can escape annoying technology. Writing a business dinner invitation isn’t that hard. Begin the invitation with a welcoming phrase that includes the words “ the pleasure of your presence”. Nobody will be able to resist such an invitation. Make sure to mention the purpose of the event and the location.

You can’t serve just about anything. It’s recommendable to limit the amount of alcohol. People in the corporate world have a passion for the juice and they may end up drinking too much. As you can imagine, they won’t forget you for putting them in an unpleasant situation. The menu should cater to various diets. You need to take into consideration things like food allergies and dietary restrictions. People will come to your home to have a good time and you should better make sure that they leave happy. Have a flexible menu. Don’t stick to just one style of cuisine.

Invite clients to play paintball  

What makes paintball so great is the fact that it’s intense. You’re given a mask, ammunition, and a paintball gun. Unless you eliminate the opponents, you lose the game. If you’re hosting an event for clients, opt for something entertaining like paintball. Your business clients will absolutely love tagging themselves with capsules containing dyes. They will have the chance to vent out their frustrations and spend some time in the outdoors. The shooting sport isn’t as dangerous as it seems. High end paintball guns  are made from quality materials, not to mention that they have a safe mode. The main idea is that playing paintball is completely safe.

Communication is one of the most important skills when it comes down to paintball. If you don’t communicate with your teammates, you’ll lose the game. What is worse, you’ll burn out. During the game, you can exchange opinions and share knowledge. What you need to understand is that paintball offers you the opportunity to have fun, get to interact, and improve relationships. There is no reason in the world why you wouldn’t want to play paintball.

Screen a popular movie  

Movies are the most beloved form of art and it’s not hard to understand why. Films are more appealing than books, featuring interactive images that help you understand the story. You can watch a movie with business clients and don’t mind that people are talking when the action is just getting started. Think about having a movie night. Rentals aren’t expensive, especially during the weekend. Select a good movie. When watching a movie with others, you have to make compromises. A comedy will help you relax, while a horror movie will put your guests in a bad mood. If you can’t make up your mind, go with something popular. Many great films have been released in 2018, so there shouldn’t be a problem. Go to the theater. After the film ends, you can go and grab a bite to eat. Make sure that you buy the tickets ahead of time.

Take part in the local charity event

Unlike other businesses, you haven’t neglected your corporate social responsibility. On the contrary, you’ve done our best to work with the local community, minimizing your negative impact on society and the environment. If you support a charity, then that is even better. By doing good, you’re showing the world that you’re trustworthy and, most importantly, different from the others. Why don’t you show your clients this hidden side? Invite them to join you at the local charity event. The business clients will get to see the amazing work that you’ve done and enjoy a rewarding experience.

Charitable events are at the same time unique and fun. Let’s say that you’re participating in a bike race. Cycling is entertaining and it’s incredibly healthy. Riding the bike enhances mental wellbeing, promotes weight loss, and cuts heart disease. Do you really think that people will give up the chance to improve their health? Of course, they won’t. Since the people using your services aren’t familiar with the work that you’re undertaking, ensure that you make a good impression. Provide as many details as possible and convince them to buy a ticket. That is what is most important.

Picnic in the park

Okay, maybe you just want to have a good time, but you’re not willing to exercise or make a considerable effort for that matter. What can you do? Well, you can have a picnic in the park. Going on a picnic is a terrific idea. You get to spend time in the great outdoors, breathing in fresh air and enjoying the scenery. Let’s not forget about the food. The meals prepared for such an event are healthier and, implicitly, more nutritious. It’s not the same time as eating at McDonalds’. A picnic in the park with just some food is all you need. You can trust us on that.

To conclude, corporate hospitality is essential. Create a memorable experience. You can’t complain that you don’t have ideas. If you don’t like the ones we’ve just presented, come up with your own