Essential Steps for Growing and Maintaining a Perfect Lawn

Growing and maintaining a lawn can be really difficult, especially if you are a busy person and you can only take care of your lawn in the weekends. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes when they water and mow their lawn, mistakes that can damage it severely, but this doesn’t have to be the case with you, if you simply inform yourself on how to appropriately take care of your lawn. If you want to have the perfect lawn, you should read the following lines to see which are the essential steps for growing and maintaining it, having a lawn that will be the envy of all your neighbors by going through these steps with your own lawn.

Keep the blades sharp

No matter what type of lawn mower you have, it’s important to keep the blades sharp. Unfortunately, most people forget to check the blades regularly, and the dull blades rip the grass, leaving behind jagged ends that inevitably turn brown, giving the lawn an unpleasant appearance.
The blades become dull fast if you scalp the ground or if you accidentally hit rocks, therefore you should sharpen the blades as often as you can to make sure that you aren’t harming your lawn.

Mow regularly

One of the most common, and unfortunately the biggest mistake that people make when they mow their lawns is to mow the lawn short to save time, but they are actually harming the grass by doing this.
To have beautiful and healthy grass you should keep the lawn a bit taller, mowing only at a third of the grass’s height. Therefore, keep in mind that it’s better to take some time and mow more frequently, mowing the grass at the appropriate height, than to mow the grass short and damage it. In case you don’t have too much time on your hands, use the Lawnbott lb1500 that will cut the grass at the precise size without much hassle from you. As you can see in the Lawnbott lb1500 review, this smart machine navigates along the garden on its own and remains within the assigned perimeter, using its sensors to detect grown grass and to remain on track. This means that there will be less work for you and the garden will be mowed to perfection.

Water in the morning

The best time to water the lawn is in the morning, when the sun is powerful enough and has enough time to dry the grass.
By watering the lawn in the morning, you can soak the lawn enough for the soil moisture to go down several inches, this way being able to water less often but for prolonged periods, saving you a lot of time.

Apply fertilizer

Instead of choosing chemical fertilizers to “feed” your lawn, you should consider using organic lawn care products, because they suppress weeds from growing and fertilize the soil without damaging the lawn itself. In addition, you stop contributing to the pollution of the earth by using them as well.