How to Choose a Quality Infrared Heater for Your Patio

To be able to use your outdoor space even when the weather starts to get cold, you have to invest in a quality infrared heater for the patio.
This way, the chilly weather won’t affect you as much as it did, and you will be able to enjoy sitting on your porch for two or three more months than you would normally do this.
Read the following lines to find out what makes a quality infrared heater and how to choose an appropriate one for your patio, prolonging the time you can spend in the extension to your house that is the patio.

Styles you can choose from

The most common types of infrared heaters that you can choose from are standalone, tabletop, or mountable.
The standalone type of infrared heater is the most common type of outdoor heater, being generally tall, which makes it ideal for decks and patios.
The tabletop models can be used for patios as well, but they aren’t the best choice, because there are certain safety concerns to take in consideration with them. A person who isn’t paying attention could accidentally hit the infrared heater, and might damage it or even hurt themselves.
Last but not least, the mountable infrared heaters are perfect for patios not only because they send the heat directly on you, but they save a lot of space and they look very stylish as well.

How to choose the appropriate power

The power of the heater and the number of heaters necessary to provide heat to the patio should be decided by taking the size of the patio itself in consideration.
Instead of buying one powerful unit, to add style to your patio, go with two powerful infrared heaters which you will mount in front of each other on opposing sides, this way ensuring that there won’t be problems with the heating, that you won’t take up any space, and that no one can harm themselves by bumping into them.

Features to take in consideration

As with any modern device or appliance, infrared heaters have many features which make them more tempting to buy, and after all, you can’t say you have a quality infrared heater without it having a useful extra feature at least.
The most important features to take in consideration are the electronic controls which make it easier for you to adjust the heat of the heater, the automatic shutoff that practically turns the heater off if it gets too hot to prevent any unpleasant incidents, and the tilt-over protection for standalone and tabletop units to ensure that when the unit gets accidentally knocked over it automatically turns off the heating element.