Tips to Lower the Cost of a Move

In most cities, there are many companies that offer moving services. These companies have a variety of ways for you to get a quote. Some movers offer a dedicated call center that will provide you with an estimated cost. There are other companies that utilize an online form for their customers. Whenever you call or fill out a form, you need to remember that these are just estimates. You cannot get an accurate cost without the movers coming out to your home. For a more definitive quote, you want to set up an in-home estimate. During this process, the movers will look at your belongings and determine the correct price for the move. It is also important to get several estimates from different companies. These quotes will allow you to compare costs and find the company that will fit your budget.

Before You Make a Call

You want to gather up all the important information about your move. Before you call the movers, you want to take a complete inventory of your belongings and furniture. You want to have the estimated weight and measurements of all the furniture as well. This information will help you to get an accurate quote from your local moving company. Once you have provided them with this information, the movers can give you an estimated cost of the move. You can repeat the process with other movers in the area. With these estimates, you can find the right company for your needs.

Ask Questions about the Company

When you call for a quote, this is the perfect time to ask about their business. You want a company that can handle your moving request. A local mover should be able to handle any type of move, but you may want to ask about their personnel. They should provide you with enough workers to move your home in an efficient matter. Some companies work with a network national moving brands. These businesses have the resources to successfully complete big moves, especially those relocating to another state. You also want to find a company that has a good reputation in the community. There are many places online where you can read reviews about the movers. Your chosen company should carry insurance. If your items are lost or damaged, you want to make sure the company will compensate you for it. You can even do a little research on your own. Each state has a registry for insured businesses. All you have to do is verify that the movers have insurance to cover any potential accidents to your belongings. The company should carry bodily-injury and property-damage (BIPD) insurance with a $750,000 minimum.

Adding the Costs Up

The final step of the moving process is to get an accurate cost calculation. Your mover will give you either a non-binding estimate or a not-to-exceed quote. Most companies will provide you with a non-binding estimate. This estimate is a rough guess of your projected costs. If you are trying to stick to a budget, this type of estimate will not help you since the costs can fluctuate. You should always opt for a not-to-exceed quote. This quote will ensure that the movers will complete your move without any added costs to the final bill.

Lower Your Moving Costs

If you are looking to lower the costs of your estimates, there are a few things that you can do. Since most companies charge by the hour, you may want to pack your belongings before the workers arrive. The movers work on an estimated time schedule. Any delay will add to your bill. You want to make sure that everything is packed and labeled before your moving day. It may take time out of your schedule, but this step can save you from unnecessary delays and costs during your move. You may consider changing the month of your move as well. Summer moves are more expensive than moving during the winter time. In fact, prices skyrocket during the summer months for any type of move. There is more demand for movers during these warmer months. If you can wait until the winter months, you can save money on your moving bill.

If you are looking to make a move without breaking the bank, these tips will help you to lower your costs. A moving quote is essential to keeping your move within your budget. You can take the stress out of planning a move by visiting MovingLocal for an estimate quote for your home.