Opening a small, family-owned restaurant – useful tips

If you have always been passionate about the food industry, and having your own restaurant has been one of your biggest dreams for a long time, and now you have finally managed to gain the financial support required to pursue this goal, you might be currently putting together a to-do list. Opening a small restaurant involves numerous steps, fact that you are probably already aware of. Although there will be numerous responsibilities to handle, if you have a few tips in mind during this process, things can be simplified for you:  

Liquor and food go hand in hand!

Even the tastiest of dishes could not be fully enjoyed without the right type of beverage by its side. The likelihood of achieving success with a restaurant that does not serve alcohol is a very slim one. Because the majority of people enjoy their dinner with a glass of wine, giving them the possibility to order their preferred beverage is a must. So, one of the tipis you need to not overlook is getting a liquor and business tax license, because serving alcohol without the required paperwork will cause you serious legal problems. Luckily, nowadays, it is not that difficult to obtain this type of license, the process being quite a short one. All you have to do is hire yourself a specialist who knows all the local rules and regulations regarding liquor selling, and they will provide you with the services and assistance you need in buying a liquor license. This step will benefit your business more than you could initially think, and you will also get the opportunity to maximize your profits, so while attracting more clients, you will also be making more money from both the drinks you will be serving.

Hire the right staff

Although your restaurant will be a small one, and several positions might be filled by your family members, you will still need to hire a few people – whether for kitchen duties or for serving. The people you choose for your team can be the ones to influence the success of your business. Improperly trained chefs, or rude waiters will bring the image of your restaurant down, which is the last thing you probably want. Having chefs that are perfectly organized, and talented in the world of gastronomy as well as waiters that are pleasant, friendly and attentive to detail can guarantee the future success of your restaurant. You probably have eaten at least once at a restaurant where the food tasted amazing but decided to not return due to bad customer service. Your staff can either make or break your business, so make sure to not handle this particular task in a neglectful manner.

Décor matters

Even if the food you will be preparing will taste great, you need to first peek the interest of passersby in order for them to actually try what you are offering, and the best way to do that is through the interior and exterior design of the place. When you are remodeling the space, furnishing it and decorating, try to make unique choices. If the décor of the resultant is an innovative one, people will automatically be curious to step inside and grab a bite to eat. Investing in the right interior architectural style can help you go a long way, so look online for inspiration, brainstorm ideas, and put enough of your effort into this particular area – it will certainly pay off.

Marketing is essential

You need to be realistic and understand what a highly competitive industry this actually is. With so many restaurants and food trucks all over town, getting the attention of food lovers can take some time, and without the right means of advertising and marketing, you might never achieve the desired level of success. Understanding the power of good marketing is something that you will need to do right from the start. There are many options you can resort to, which will help you gain the business awareness you desire. Creating social media accounts and using them to your advantage, offering promotional prices for meals on certain days of the week, handing out flyers or setting up a restaurant website where people can check out your menu are all things that can work in your favor. If you are having troubles in the marketing department, you can consider hiring a specialist who can help you make your newly opened restaurant known by using the right marketing strategies.  

It all comes down to the menu

Because a restaurant of course revolves around food, putting together the perfect menu is key. Whether you re planning to serve Italian food, or you have gone for vegan meal choices, creating the menu requires a lot of attention to detail. In order to impress customers and to determine them to return, you will need to put at their disposal a reasonable variety of dishes. It’s important to include in your menu as many meals as necessary so that every person dining there to find something they can enjoy. However, that does not mean you should go over the top in this area. Including too many dishes could put your chefs into difficulty, and in the majority of situations, people will get overwhelmed and have troubles actually choosing something. Although you should still provide variety, it’s better to lower the number of courses available to order and keep the ones you have perfectly tasty. Also, avoid including foods that don’t have anything to do with the specifics of your restaurants’ profile, because this will leave a bad impression.

Becoming the owner of a restaurant is certainly an exciting prospect, and this type of business can bring you many advantages. However, the number of responsibilities you will have to handle can easily become overwhelming. Knowing a few tips on the subject can help you start out in this industry on the right foot, and make the entire opening process far easier for you. Turn your dream into a reality and become the successful entrepreneur you desire by doing everything by the book.