Relocating to England – tips and lifestyle advice

So, you have decided to make a life changing decision and move to a foreign country. While this choice might bring you amazing future prospects, that doesn’t cut back on the worries that are linked to the relocation. Even if you might have certain things already figured out, getting into the subject even further and actually seeking advice and tips on the matter could be beneficial. The following guidelines will allow you to start this journey on the right foot, and make the experience as enjoyable and inconvenience-free as possible. Although it is natural to deal with a certain level of stress, if you maintain yourself organized and plan everything carefully, things will become easier:

House hunting

Although looking for accommodation seems like an obvious step, when it comes to the UK, especially London, hunting for housing options is a bit more challenging than for your average EU country. Besides being in high demand, rentals are also extremely expensive, living costs varying from one city area to another tremendously. If you have a monthly budget you want to stick to, until you get your finances on track, you probably don’t want to spend a fortune on rent, so starting to look at ads with enough time in advance is recommended. Luckily, nowadays, you have access to various online platforms that help tenants find the ideal housing option, ones that suit their preferences (comfort, amenities, living space) and stick within their budget. To access the best deals, and not have to compromise on your needs and requirements, handle this particular step with precise care, and if necessary, hire yourself a real estate agent, who could take some of the hassle off your shoulders. A professional will also have the connections and expertise necessary to point you in the best direction for your situation.

Perfect your English-speaking skills

If your English is not exactly at a proficient level at the moment, then one of your priorities before the actual move is to improve things in this department. Because you will be surrounded by English-speaking people the majority of the time, even if your UK job does not demand you to know English to perfection, lacking sufficient English speaking abilities will only make accommodating to the country more difficult. Focusing on perfecting your language skills will be a great decision to make. Nowadays, you don’t even have to hire a tutor if you want to acquire the necessary knowledge, because you can easily access an online alternative. Skype lessons, for example, have become widely used by people of all ages interested in learning foreign languages, and after understating the pros this option comes with, you will give this possibility more of your thought as well. Moreover, with the appealing skype English lessons price put at your disposal, you won’t even have to worry about money.

Get your NI

Any foreigner recoloration to the UK needs to apply for a national insurance number – this enables you to become employed within the country. The NI is requested by the government so they can track your contributions and tax payments. Without a NI, you won’t be able to start working, this is why you should handle this task shortly after relocating. If you already have a residence permit, the NI will be printed on the back. If not, you have to set up a meeting. Things usually go fast in this department, so you don’t have to spend much time worrying about it.

Open a bank account

In order to get an account (which you will probably need for rent payments, receiving salary and so on), the two most important documents you will need to provide the bank with are your proof of UK address and your ID. The paperwork revolving around your new residence, needs to be authorized, so handle this detail carefully to not face incontinences. You can even open your account during a short trip there, if you have already rented a house, so you can start using it as soon as you move permanently. This will not take long, just make sure you select the right bank,

Get connected

Because we are living in the digital age, having internet access as quickly as possible is of course one of your concerns. You should switch to a British mobile contract, so you don’t have to pay high charges for using your current phone plan. The most convenient option you have in this department is a sim only deal, which comes with more affordable payment methods, and can provide you with how much data, minutes and text messages you need. Also, you should focus on setting up a wireless in your new home as well, to gain internet access on your devices quirkily. Getting broadband might take a while at some companies, so request information regarding duration before choosing a specific deal.  

Learn about the local healthcare system

Although it might seem irrelevant at first, you can never know when something happens that determines you to go to a hospital. Because this is not your home country, you might face complications when requiring medical help. This is why, as soon as you get settled in, gaining a few insights on the local healthcare system is advised. The National Healthcare Service is usually free, demanding only seldom expenses for medication. However, if you want to receive medical assistance in a faster and more reliable manner, you can also consider paying for private health care, but this depends totally on your own preferences. Also, for emergencies, you can go to the closest A&E.

Making the decision to relocate to a foreign country is not easy, and the stress that comes with the process is likely to overwhelm you. To make the transition as smooth and convenient as possible, knowing about a few tips and getting some insights on the topic will make a significant difference. The aspects mentioned above will simplify things for you considerably, so try to analyze and focus on each one properly, and you might take some of the moving pressure off.