Renting construction equipment – What are the benefits for a small business owner?


For numerous family business owners, the construction industry seems to be the go-to choice. Maybe they have the necessary experience in the field, or they are aware of the fact that these businesses are quite profitable. But in many cases, investing in construction equipment seems an unrealistic prospect. In these cases, finding a company managing JCB telehandlers for hire is a great solution. This brings the necessary equipment with which to proceed with the projects they are involved in, without spending enormous amounts of money on equipment. However, let’s see what the advantages of proceeding so are.

1. Access to the latest technology

When you decide not to purchase your own pieces of equipment, you will have the advantage of being able to hire the latest pieces of equipment from a technological point of view. Constantly updating your equipment so you have access to the latest machinery is more expensive than hiring them. Of course, you may be forced to pay a little bit more for hiring recent-date machinery, but the price is worth it. Recent-date equipment will allow you to manage your company’s projects faster and increase their number as the necessary time for accomplishing one will be significantly reduced.

2. No more vast investments

Especially when you are not using it, the equipment which you purchase continues to cost you greatly. If you only hire the equipment for a short interval, it is advisable to hire it, from companies like UK Forks, not buy it. So, you will have reduced costs, while your profits go up. This way, you won’t have to worry about finding others to use your equipment, in those intervals in which it will be idle.

3. Get rid of maintenance costs

Generally, you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs when hiring construction equipment. However, make sure that you read carefully the terms and conditions of the contract which you will be signing. Some companies that hire construction equipment state these conditions clearly. If you have doubts, ask the company and see what their answer is. This will save you plenty of money and time in the process.

4. Reduce transportation costs

When you have your headquarters on a side of the country, but you get an amazing contract on the other side of the country, you will have to manage all by yourself the transportation costs involved by sending your construction equipment to that particular area, which, in many cases, is more expensive than business owners anticipate. But when you hire your equipment, simply state where it should be delivered and the company will send it on the site.

5. Storage costs are inexistent

When you invest in your own pieces of equipment you have yet another thing to worry about. Where and at what costs will you be storing them? Garage rental is expensive and not a feasible solution for a small family-run business owner. But when you hire your equipment, you can simply forget about this issue.

6. Find numerous new opportunities

If you limit your activity to the projects for which you have the necessary equipment, you are certainly losing plenty of opportunities. Hiring the machinery needed for various projects will help you to deliver great results in projects you would have avoided, otherwise.