5 Ingenious Ways to Spice Up Your Yoga Routine

In the last few years, yoga has grown a lot in popularity. It is a relaxing activity that puts meditation on top of the pyramid. Besides, it is great medicine for your body. It is a body healing exercise that removes pain and helps you feel better and more relaxed. Yoga means happiness and relaxation. Once you will try it, you will never give it apart.

From flexibility and strength in muscles to improvement of posture and blood flow, yoga does everything. It keeps you active and helps you stay fit even if you suffer from body pain and injuries. However, if you are practicing yoga for a couple of years we can understand that you are a bit tired and bored with those standard poses and exercises that maintain you in good shape.

With this in mind, we want to change your mood a little bit and make you understand that there are plenty of interesting ways and methods to improve your yoga routine and make it more fun. This also applies to people who don’t find this activity appealing at all.

Try new and challenging poses

Bring to your daily yoga session some new yet challenging poses. Surprise your body with fun movements that will add a little spice to your routine.

  • Bound triangle Most yoga enthusiasts are focused on standard and basic poses and forget about the one that could really challenge their body. Also known as Baddha Trikonasana, the bound triangle pose is not as complicated as you might think. Theoretically, it is a good exercise that ensures the proper functioning of the internal organs. It works by putting pressure on your abdominal muscles. This pose is recommended for intermediate and experienced yogis.
  • Half-moon Make sure you are a professional yogi before trying this new position. It is a bit complicated and hard to execute. It works great on your abdomen, buttocks, and spine. It strengthens your muscles and improves posture. It helps you maintain your equilibrium.
  • Eight Angle Pose Well, this is not fun anymore. This is hard and difficult to perform. You have to be an experienced yogi to do that pose. Stay on hands and lift your foot. We are just kidding! It’s a bit more difficult to do. However, it is fun to learn and practice such a pose.

Connect with Yoga through nature

There’s nothing more enjoyable than practicing your yoga exercises in nature. Think about how much this perspective can change your mood and lifestyle. Take your mat and go out in the park. Nowadays, more and more people are practicing yoga in the park or botanical gardens. It’s a nice place to be and practice all kinds of sports including yoga. You can become friends with people of all ages. More than that, it’s quite relaxing to reach into contact with your inner edges while being in the middle of nature.

Beach Yoga

Spice up your yoga practice with something crazy and different. Yoga by the beach sounds awesome. Enhance your creativity and go to the beach. Get out of your comfort zone and enjoy the sand support. If this is your first class attended at the beach than you will start discovering things about your body that you have never noticed before. A 60-minute yoga class at the beach will make you feel comfortable, relaxed and happy to be in a peaceful place.

SUP Yoga

If you are an experienced paddler than you have probably tried to do yoga on your board, but if this is something new for you, then you should definitely try it. It can be such an enjoyable experience! Go stand up paddle boarding on flat waters, tie your paddle and lie down on your back. Relax and think about how wonderful life is! This is how everyone should begin the yoga session. What could be more enjoyable than practicing yoga in the middle of the water on a board where no one can see you or hear you? It’s only you and the ocean!

Keep in mind, however, that not all boards are built the same and only a specific type caters to the needs of those who want to take up SUP yoga. The sizing analysis put together by experts shows that stand up paddle boards for yoga differ quite greatly in design as opposed to all-around models in the sense that they are built for enhanced stability. Moreover, these specialty boards generally range from 32” to 36” in width so that you won’t sit awkwardly as you position your body on the surface for different poses.

Do yoga with your partner

If you want to change something in your yoga routine, bring your partner! Doing yoga with your partner can strengthen and improve your relationship. There are plenty of poses that you can do together. Couple yoga provides a lot of benefits for your mind, body, and relationship. Plus, it is a fun way to spend more quality time together.
Whether you are less enamored with your yoga session or you just have a bad period and you find it extremely boring, try new things and improve your mood. You can start working challenging poses or better than that you can change the place where you practice. There are plenty of methods to try to fall back in love with your favorite activity.