Things you need to know about girls camps


Going to camp has always been an exciting experience for children, but nowadays, parents do not give camps the same interest they used to. If you have never send your daughter to a summer camp, perhaps this is the time to do it. Although you might not be used to spending time apart from your child, and this might be the first time she goes on a vacation on her own, girls camps in Canada can provide her with many childhood development benefits you might not be aware of. The following aspects will help you understand the most important things on the topic, and make you change your mind, if you have not given this possibility any thought until now:

Creative self-expression

Due to the many activities that target the creativity of a child, your daughter can discover new hobbies, and even develop an artistic passion. Children are drawn by activities that involve creative expressivity, but usually, regular school environments do not provide them with the means necessary to develop these types of skills, in comparisons with camps that focus on helping children grow each positive personality trait.   

Social interactions

Learning how to act in a large group and how to socialize with people of the same age should happen during childhood, but for kids who are more introvert, this can be difficult to achieve. A camp will create the perfect environment for your daughter to become more sociable, make new friends, and basically improve her communication skills significantly. Because all the programs she will participate it involve other children, after a while, she will become more comfortable speaking to new people, both children and adults, which can influence her in a positive manner in the long run.

Physical activities

Because kids nowadays prefer playing on their laptop or phone, instead of actually going outside, studies have shown a worrying statistic in terms of how many kids are actually involved in physical activities on a regular basis. If your daughter is not used to exercise, and does not discover the advantages of sports from an early age, it will be more difficult for her to develop a healthy lifestyle later on. The majority of camps include in their daily schedule many types of games and sports, such as swimming, volleyball, football and so on, giving kids the chance to learn how to appreciate physical activities.

Improved confidence and decision-making skills

While at camp, without having the possibility of obtaining parental approval for any of the things she will have to do, your daughter will quickly improve her decision making skills, and thus become a more confident person. Although she will be constantly supervised by an adult figure, she will be the one who needs to make the decisions when it comes to all the activities she will partake in. Each game or program that will require her to make her own choices will help her understand what decision making means, and will also improve her confidence in her abilities and skills. At the end of the camp, you will notice yourself some positive changes in her behaviour.

How to choose the right camp

After understanding what role camps can have in the life of a child, and deciding to send your daughter to one, the next step is finding the right option for there. Considering the wide range of offers available on the market, making a choice will not be the easiest task. You will have to think about a few things and analyze some aspects before enrollment, to make sure your daughter actually benefits from the best camp experience possible. One thing you should do is check the programs that will be held there, and what kind of activities they are based on. Moreover, you should talk to some of the staff in person, to see if your kid will be supervised by reliable and trustworthy people. Getting all the information you need about the camp will be necessary to form an accurate opinion. You can even search on parent forums online, to see if you can find any feedback on the camp, or any detail that can help you make a decision.

Sending your daughter to camp might to have been your ideal holiday plan, but considering how beneficial this experience will be for her, you should certainly consider it. Now that you know more about how a summer camp can impact your child positively and also how to decide on the right option, you can start looking for offers. Even if your kid might be skeptical at first, just as yourself, she will definitely enjoy every single moment spent there, and she will probably want to return the next summer. So think more about this possibility, and do not wait too long to enroll her in a great camp for girls.