Useful and friendly guide to downsizing your home


According to experts, moving causes undesirable stress that people cannot manage to control. Whether to another city or another country, in a small condo or a visually appealing and imposing mansion, the amount of both stress and excitement remains the same. The hassle is quite understandable considering the complexity of the process, which includes challenging tasks like packing and discarding, cleaning and making important decisions regarding valuable possessions, among others. When you are moving from your old and familiar home to a new and obviously unknown residence, especially into another community, you have the mission to go though emotionally-packed items and with this opportunity relive precious moments in your personal and family past. Undoubtedly, a moment like that can overwhelm you. Nevertheless, you need to carry on and follow your path in life that will allow you to seize new opportunities and create other pleasant memories. Moreover, you can view this stage in your life that concentrates on relocation as a chance to reduce the mess and distinguish useful items from unworthy things.

Plan ahead carefully

Even though you might be tempted to start immediately after making the decision of downsizing your home in order to finish quicker, you should never initiate such a difficult and time-consuming process without carefully and wisely planning ahead. You will inevitably get lost in the details and waste more time that you even expected, which will result in frustration and stress. Evaluate attentively the new residence and determine the amount of space that you will benefit from. This will help you keep only essential possessions and those items that truly hold significant material and emotional value. You have to be critical when it comes to making a selection of your belongings; there is no way around it. Shortly, we understand the hassle of moving and for this reason, we create a handy guide that will facilitate your mission.

Consider public storage

If you cannot part with some things, you do not have to throw them away. Instead, you can explore facilities in the area and rent a basic or climate-controlled storage unit, depending on the resistance of your items. Public storage represents an efficient, convenient and temporary solution ideal for this type of situation so you should take advantage of it. You definitely own a multitude of things and you will not be able to decide on the moment what are you going to do with them so the smartest move you can do is take an inventory of your possessions. Once you have them marked down clearly on a list, you can group or categorize them easily. Thus, you can make a group with items that you intend to move into the new house, another group with items that you plan to store, another group with items that you wish to donate and so on.

Take necessary measurements

Taking into account that you will no longer benefit from a large space, you might want to measure the furniture including the bed and the sofa as well as other solid items that you cannot live without in order to make sure that they are going to fit perfectly in the new small rooms. This goes without saying but it is useless to measure all these items if you do not have the exact measurements of your new place so you have to take your time and ask if you can measure the space or if you can dispose of a floor plan. In addition, you have to keep in mind the doors and windows placement so you draw a clear picture of your potential décor. Once you have the plan in your mind, you will know exactly how to arrange your belongings in order to obtain a personalized style that will captivate everyone’s attention. This is another reason that should convince you to think about the process of downsizing before actually starting to take action in this regard. You want to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that you will not encounter obstacles along the way.

Selling or donating?

When putting together a list with existing items in your old home, you will realize just how much clutter was surrounding you becoming almost suffocating. Be practical and honest with yourself: you could live happily and peacefully with probably just half of your possessions – the important half. However, when drawing a line and deciding which items go to the “unnecessary” category, the next question inevitably arises: am I going to dump, sell or donate them? Dumping your belongings is not really environmentally-friendly so you should just stick with the other two options. You could attempt to sell for an attractive price some of your items that still have visual appeal if you believe that you could use extra money. When done selling a part of your items, do not worry about those left because charities will not even hesitate when it comes to free stuff, whether clothes of household items. We all know that someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure.

Remain organized

Stay ruthless and organized regarding the arrangement of your remaining items in the new space. You probably do not realize at the beginning, but an organized space can easily and quickly become a cluttered space. In order to avoid ending in the same position you were trying to escape from, you have to adopt a new lifestyle where you do not put much emphasis on material things. You have to understand that downsizing does not just resume to your home but to your perspective on life also. Make sure that over time you will not start gathering unnecessary stuff that you will pile up in areas of your new home. Shortly, you have to learn how to make compromises not that you are not familiar with this concept but you probably never had to apply it in terms of space. At the end of the process, you will be able to sigh with relief and take pride in your accomplishment. After all, downsizing a home requires a lot of dedication and involvement, not to mention that you have to create a well thought plan and complete it successfully in time.