What benefits freight forwarding network members have

Being a freight forwarder implies a lot of work, because you have to be always in touch with the trends of the market, if you want to achieve success and sign many contracts. You have to expand your field of action, and promote your services though different means. However, in some cases you cannot compete with multinationals, because people choose to collaborate with big names from the industry, without considering the benefits they would have if they would work with you, or the quality of your services. For being able to compete with a multinational, you should become part of a freight forwarding network. The majority of them are exclusive networks, so you would be the only agent who would represent the alliance in your region. These networks accept as members only reliable freight forwarders and clients are aware of this aspect.

You benefit of exclusivity

As stated before, this type of networks would allocate a single agent in a port, so you would not have to worry that you would have to compete with someone else in trying to get a contract. The network would assist you in your pursuit for success, and would not simply collect their fee. Therefore, when a client chooses to collaborate with the network in your area, you would be the one who would sign the contract.

You know exactly what your territory is

The majority of cargo alliances have special tools, which they use to delimitate the territory of their members, for avoiding any issue. In this way they encourage the spirit of cooperation, because you know from the beginning if you can sign a contract with a client or not, and in case they are located in the area where you work, you can advise them to contact one of the other members of the alliance which works there. In addition, when you have to collaborate with someone from a certain region for one of your shipments, you simply use the software and it would offer you all the details of the members that are working there.

You would get new contracts

When you are part of this type of alliance, you would have an increased number of contracts, because the members are willing to transfer a part of their shipments to other members. The network would make sure that the agents would do this, because they would constantly verify that this action is done. In addition, if you want you have the possibility to collaborate with forwarders from outside the network.

You can rely on your partners

All the members are selected according to certain criteria, and you can be sure that if you need support from their part, you would receive it. They have to be financial strong, have a good reputation, a good business volume and be seen as competitive agents in their area. Also, they are bound by certain rules when becoming part of the network, so you can trust your shipments to then in case of need. You would never have to face with the case of dealing with an agent who wants your shipment, but who would not give you theirs.