3 Reasons to Use Natural or Beeswax Candles in Your Home Décor

Candles, while a fantastic idea to refresh and beautify your home décor, are often packed with additives and preservatives. These chemicals can give you severe headaches with long-term exposure, and most of them are bad for homes with pets and children. Therefore, this article discusses 3 reasons why you should use natural or beeswax candles in your home décor.

You should also keep in mind that home building contractors are, surprisingly, savvy in all manners of home décor and interior design, so they could offer professional knowledge and back-up expertise if you still have questions about natural and beeswax candles.

Fewer to No Chemicals in the Wax

If you ever owned or visited an apiary, you know that beeswax can be harvested at home. You could literally make your own beeswax candles anytime you wanted to. However, the process takes a while, since you have to separate the wax from the honey, then melt down the combs. You have to repeat the process a few times to gain access to pure beeswax, but it contains no chemicals. Beeswax is 100-percent natural. And, if you go through the process yourself, you know exactly where it came from.

Subtler, More Pleasant Fragrances

Beeswax is often harvested from honeybees, so honey has to be separated from the wax before someone can make it into a candle. Therefore, most beeswax retains the subtle, sweet, pleasant fragrance of honey. The aroma is naturally lovely, so there are no chemicals caused by added fragrances. No headaches. However, if you prefer fragrance that is a bit stronger than organic honey, you can add a few drops of essential oils to the beeswax for a scent that fills your home. A few drops of lavender oils in a beeswax candle can really make a difference in the peacefulness and ambiance of your home.

Longer Lasting – Up to 6 Weeks of Random Burn

Beeswax candles are known for their long-term burns of around 6 weeks. That is over 1,000 hours of subtle fragrance and no-added chemicals to brighten and refresh your home décor. Aside from beeswax, you could also opt for soy candles. But make sure you shop organic, or create them yourself, since soy candles can have a few unnecessary additives [depending on which candle company they come from]. Of course, you can’t burn your candle for 6 weeks STRAIGHT, but random burns for a few hours at a time are more than sufficient to keep up with the long life of your candle.

The aforementioned reasons are good enough for you to consider switching to natural or beeswax candles. Just remember that no natural candle would give you a headache or make you feel ill when you burn it.