3 Things to Love About Log Cabin Living

If you’re one of the millions of people each year who long to disconnect from the rat race and get away from it all, we may have a solution for you. Log cabins are an increasingly popular choice for everyone from vacationers to folks choosing to live off the grid. Modern cabins aren’t necessarily the quaint, backwoods domiciles of bygone eras; they range from one-room campsites to three-story luxury homes nestled in fragrant wooded lots. The common denominator is that all of these places use natural materials with the aim of making their home part of landscape instead of imposing themselves into it.

Log Cabin Living is Cost-Effective

Due to the nature of the materials, building a log home is less costly than framing a home and adding interior walls, siding, insulation and flooring. If you opt for split logs instead of whole logs, you’ll also avoid shrinkage and have better insulation in extreme hot or cold weather. The construction of a log home allows for better ambient lighting and an open floor plan. Proper sealing and maintenance allow you to live in a home that’s made constructed from a renewable resource that can withstand severe weather and age.

Improves Your Quality of Life

Studies prove that spending time in a natural setting will improve your sense of well-being. Even if you build your home in a populated area, you will always be surrounded by the look and smell of the great outdoors, especially if you choose an aromatic wood like cedar as your main material. Living in a cabin also offers a certain simplicity without necessarily taking you away from modern conveniences; even the most remote location is serviceable by internet and cell providers.

Decreases Your Carbon Footprint

Cabin living often goes hand-in-hand with sustainable living by adding solar power, and estimates show that living in a log structure offers from 2.5% to more than 20% energy efficiency even without living off the grid. Cabins are often built in a more eco-friendly manner and use less manufactured materials overall in their construction. This means a home that is more functional and beautiful to live in.

You don’t have to be a suvivalist or a hermit to understand the advantages of peace and tranquility. If you’re unsure whether this type of lifestyle is for you, try renting a cabin for a few weeks before you buy or build. Whether you decide to retire to your own little cabin in the woods or you take up temporary residence in a place like Beavers Bend lodgings to finish your novel, you’ll enjoy the simplicity and natural elegance that living in a more rustic setting affords.