4 Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your Furniture

There are pieces of furniture that have survived for centuries. You may have some in your home. Whether you’ve bought it from an antique shop, or your grandmother left it to your family, furniture doesn’t have an expiration date like foods. Most people don’t invest in home furnishing and plan on keeping it forever. The life expectancy of furniture pieces can vary, as not all are made out of great materials. For example, a sofa in a family with kids and pets won’t last for too long.

There are some questions you should ask yourself to know when it’s time to change your furniture

  • Is the furniture broken?
  • Does the couch still fit the space where it’s used?
  • Is it still comfortable?
  • Does it still fit your style?
  • It’s the upholstery damaged?

Stained, ripped, smelly, or damaged upholstery are signs that your couch might need replacement. The same replacement should go for other pieces of furniture if they no longer function smoothly. One of the largest investments in a home is furniture. Buying furniture has to say a lot about a person – their tastes, favorite colors, etc. You want the furniture to be comfortable for you and your guests. Everyone enjoys a pretty furnished home, but there comes a time when the furniture needs an upgrade! 

  1. Your tastes have changed

Obviously, time changes people! The matching furniture in your living room was great, but ten years ago! Some furniture pieces came from your dad’s family, or some from an antique shop. But now it’s time to replace the old tastes with furniture that is more compatible with your style. Ensure you choose good-quality furniture, such as solid wood, which is known to last for a long time. It’s a great investment, but be sure to look for first-quality fabrics that should be beautiful and durable.

Replacing your furniture doesn’t have to be a stressful task – you should make it fun, trust your personal tastes, and enjoy the process. But prepare yourself ahead and search for brands that offer the best quality services and furniture. Replacing the furniture will give that new, comfortable, and fresh feel to your home. Your friends will enjoy coming to your place, but you’ll enjoy the most coming back to your cozy place.

  1. Your furniture is out of style

Most furniture pieces, especially the antique ones, last for long, but sometimes, they go out of style. Everyone has at home the white-floral sofa from their grandmother since 1980. Some people really enjoy decorating their homes in vintage style, but no matter how much you’d want to keep your old furniture, at some point, it can break and need to be replaced. A wood coffee table never goes out of style. But a bright green one could hurt your eyes easily.

When moving into a new home, you may find out that the furniture that matched your previous home isn’t what you want now. Maybe you don’t like the colors anymore, or the style doesn’t suit you anymore. Have you ever heard of a lease to own furniture? It means that you can shop for furniture and pay it later. It’s a flexible way to pay for your furniture over some time if you lack money. Either case, this might be the right moment to replace your outdated furniture. 

  1. Broken mechanism

We all have that one dresser with a broken drawer. Maybe it is difficult to open it or close it, or it falls off its slides if opened too much. The broken mechanism shows you that it’s quite a time to have your furniture fixed or replaced. Furniture refinishing costs might be very high, depending on the item and its condition. Some projects might be larger and go up to hundreds of dollars. Many furniture experts charge by the hour, and you can expect to pay up to $100 for a small item, or maybe pay just for examining the piece. It seems like a complicated process to do this kind of repair, so it’s best to consider other alternatives, such as renting furniture or buying a new one.

  1. The sofa causes back pain

The inevitable happened – you have a sofa you love, but you’ve got to the point where you need to replace it. How do you know when it’s the right time to do it? Often, replacing your sofa doesn’t have much to do with its condition. It’s not uncommon; people often move to a new place and realize that their old sofa doesn’t fit their new space or needs repairs, which costs a fortune. If this is the case, then it’s time to consider a replacement.

If your couch has upholstery damages, makes creaking noises, feels an odd smell, or causes you back pain, it’s time for a new one. You often sit on your couch, watching a movie, but feel lumbar pain – it happens because the pads start to go flat, and you can no longer sit comfortably on it. Back pain is one of the major causes of why people replaces their couch. Some sofas might not encourage good posture and not giving the spine and neck the best support.

Sitting for too long on such couches, in a poor position, can add pressure on your back and can lead to aches. To avoid back pain, it’s best to first: purchase a new and comfortable couch, and second, adjust your position. Many aspects of modern life can lead to back pain, and not sitting properly on the sofa is one of them. 

What should you do with the old furniture?

Replacing your old furniture? What should you do with it? Did you know that furniture can be recycled? Most people recycle household materials such as plastic, glass bottles, paper, and furniture as well. Here are some ways you can recycle old furniture:

  • Sell your old furniture
  • Donate the item
  • Repurpose it
  • Refinish it to get a brand-new look
  • Recycle it

If your furniture is made of wood, or other recyclable materials, than it can go straight to your nearest recycling bin in your community.