5 Things You Should Check in Your Car Before a Road Trip

Are you preparing for a long trip this summer? It would be best if you consider a few car maintenance tips before you go on the road. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, any relaxation method or entertainment has been restricted, so people have become a little impatient in vacations and fun outings. No festivals, no gatherings, no concerts, no fun? No wonder people are trying to escape the chaos and finally find their peace in nature. People are more excited than never to hit the roads and go to the mountains, beaches, lakes, etc. We all want to get out of the house and engage in our favorite activities again. Minimum contact with other people it’s already commonplace, but camping in the woods is so on! 

However, if you’re going to explore the world now, don’t do it unprepared It’s common and bad enough to experience unpleasant car troubles in your city, but nothing could ruin your mood more than plan a trip, have your car broken and wait for hours on the side of the road. Your travel plans are well thought out, so having your vehicle breaking down hundreds of miles away from home doesn’t sound like a fun vacation. Going to holidays is supposed to be an enjoyable and relaxing thing to do, but there’s a thin line between pleasure and misery if you’re heading off on the road without having your car checked. 

Before you leave home, make sure you consider a few steps to protect your car, your loved ones, and your trip. Read further to determine what you should do before you get behind the wheel and hit the road.

  1. Fluids

You have your plans in place, you packed everything you need for your trip, and you’re ready to go. You just skipped one essential thing; having your car’s fluids checked. Before embarking on the road, have a list of all the necessary things you should check in your vehicle. The motor oil should be first checked because it’s the most important for the proper function of your car. Check the level of the oil; normally, it should be between low and high marks. 

Don’t leave until you are sure that you have enough oil so that you won’t have to pull off during your trip and check the levels. It’s a good idea to keep an amount of oil in your vehicle in case you need to add some. You should check your oils as often as possible so that your engine won’t “suffer” damages. Having your fluids checked will allow you to embark with confidence on your road trip. 

  1. Tyres

You know the importance of having your brakes, fluids, battery, and other car components checked. But a tyre blowout is the most dangerous, yet common car problem during a road trip. Have your car’s tyres inspected to see if there’s any hole that could cause losing air. Generally, worn tyres make it difficult for you to stop your vehicle. Your car’s tyre tread will get damaged over time, and it might cause you trouble, especially during winter or raining season. 

Ask a mechanic to join you at a mobile tyre shop to purchase affordable, but good value tyres. The cost will depend on the size of your tyres and the brand you select. However, if you ever have a tyre emergency while going to work, or during your road trip, call your local mobile tyre professionals and get help in time. 

  1. Brakes

No matter how prepared you think your car is for long road trips, there’s always a chance to meet the road’s troubles. Preparing for the worst shouldn’t be the first thought you should have before going on the road, but it would be best if you are careful enough; it’s better to prevent than to repair. Therefore, check the brakes and make sure that they won’t make any weird sound. 

If you’re at the point of worrying, it’s time to change them. However, if they sound fine, but you still feel like you should do a check, don’t wait for second thoughts. Replacing the brake pads should fix the irritating screeching noise. But most importantly, it will make your trip safer. Go to your mechanic and have a check or replace your vehicle’s brakes pads.

  1. Air Conditioner

If you are planning your trip during summertime, make sure you don’t leave home with a malfunctioning air conditioner. It can transform your trip into a nightmare, especially if it is a hundred degrees outside. Maybe you are traveling with older adults or kids, so you want to have a normal temperature inside your car. Ironically, air conditioning is one of the most common issues that appear during summertime. If you have already experienced an air conditioner malfunction before, you definitely don’t want to leave home and spot future problems during the road trip. 

Some possible issues that had your air conditioner broken include leak, blown fuse, clogged air filter, or bad clutch. Call your mechanic and ask him to repair the issues now so that you can enjoy a comfortable driving in the car. Set an appointment long before you embark on your trip, so that you avoid trip delays, and so on. Take care of these things, and enjoy a safe trip!

  1. Pack an Emergency Kit

What else should your pack for your trip? Of course, an emergency kit. Road trip season has just started, and preparing your car for any possible issues is essential. No matter the destination, an essential thing is to have your care prepared with all the necessary stuff. If you have kids with you on the road, it’s even more important to have a first aid kit in your car. You know how quickly kids can get hurt, so make sure you have your emergency bag in sight. You can either buy a complete emergency kit or make it your own. It’s up to you. 

Once you have all of these essential things in place, you can finally head to your desired destination.