Beautifying and organizing your garden in just a few steps


People who own plenty of space in their backyard often find it difficult to properly organize it and take care of it permanently. This is the reason why they need to learn how to maintain the airiness and tidiness of this space. In the summer and whenever the sun shines above people’s heads, they tend to desire to go outside and spend some time in their garden. But what is going to happen the moment when you reach your garden and the atmosphere just isn’t right. You cannot ignore it each time you notice that there’s work to do here, so gather some motivation and the tools you need and start preparing your garden for relaxing nights with friends and family.

Start by getting rid of what you don’t need

Usually, gardens are full of things you no longer need, and they are used as a storage space for your garbage-like items. You have to start decluttering the surroundings, decide whether you want to keep or throw away each item that rests without a purpose in your backyard and make everything look clean and ready for a makeover. If you have plenty of tools you have no idea where to keep, don’t hesitate to look for storage units near you to make your job much easier. These storage units have plenty of variants of storage environments and you can select the one that suits your needs. In case your garden does not allow you to store away the things you might need in the future and simply don’t want to sell, this is the best possible choice you can make.

After you’ve managed to make some room for your future gardening plans, you can start by setting up some goals on a checklist and purchase what you need for accomplishing those. If you’d like to create a garden with exterior furniture and lots of decorations, be prepared for quite an investment. Yet, if you follow the deals throughout the year, you might get something you like for half the price. Keep an eye on all home and decor shops.

Decide what kind of style you desire to adopt

Depending on how your house looks like, you might want to maintain a certain style to your house as well. If you have a modern house, it would look quite odd to design a traditional garden. This is the reason why paying attention how certain styles would look like in your backyard before starting buying anything. There are plenty of places where you could gather inspiration. Look for pictures and try to ask specialists in home and decor shops what would be suitable for the available space you have. Randomly putting together some items won’t work as well as you believe, so focus on fitting everything properly.

Learn something about plants

Why would you call it a garden if no plants are growing there? Try learning as much as you can about plants, soils and how to maintain everything alive and greenly. Firstly, you will have to identify the soil type in your garden. This can be done by simply filling in a clear glass jar approximately halfway with some soil you gathered from your backyard. After that, the remaining half of that jar should be filled with water, living room for some air as well. The lid should be put on and then you have to roughly shake the jar until you are breaking the soil into tiny little pieces. The jar must be set aside, and you’ll have to be patient until the contents will settle in distinct layers. You will notice three types of layers: one includes sand, one includes a slit, and the last one includes clay. Each size of the layers tells something about your soil. Depending on these proportions, you can decide whether a certain type of plant will act well in your garden or not. You can always change or help the soil in your garden, so the plants will grow healthy, but that includes soil maintenance and more gardening information. If you have the time or you are simply passionate about gardening, start by learning more about plant food and microorganisms. There is a lot to learn, but if you start liking keeping your plants healthy, you might discover a new hobby for the future. Plus, think about all the compliments you’ll be receiving from your friends.

Don’t forget that, depending on the season, you will have to deal with bugs. Bugs can be really difficult and annoying, both for your plants’ health and for yourself when spending time in the garden. The good part is that there are methods to get rid of each type of bug that interferes with you spending time in your backyard. For instance, fungus flies and fruit flies appear out of nowhere. Mixing wine or apple cider with liquid dish soap will make the flies stick to the surface of the solution the moment when they sense it. Placing some sand on top of the soil of your plants can also be a good method of keeping flies away. The biggest enemies of spending time in the garden would be mosquitoes. Spraying yourself with a lavender oil, vanilla extract and lemon juice combination will keep mosquitoes away. Lemongrass or mint is used for keeping mosquitoes out of the house or the area in your garden where you keep the furniture.

Final thoughts

Even though setting up a garden might sound difficult, it can become a very pleasurable activity. Plus, you will be feeling extremely well and fulfilled the moment when you are going to invite your friends and family over for a BBQ. It is highly important to spend time outside if you have the chance. You are being lucky for just owning some space in your backyard and it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. Focus your attention and resources on this and it is going to be a long-term investment.