Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal with New Garage Doors

Installing new garage doors is an efficient way of improving your house’s curb appeal because they add a touch of new to the overall aspect. However, you have to take into account that there are some rules you have to follow, otherwise, the result will be the opposite and you can end up ruining the exterior aspect of your home. Make sure the design of the garage door perfectly integrates your home’s design and avoid using colors or details that make it stand out in a bad way.

Use matching materials

First of all, follow the same pattern of the woodwork in your house and match the garage door with the front door and the windows to create a uniform image. If you used natural wood for the windows, opt for a wood garage door in the same shade and decorate it with details like small windows or iron handles. If your windows are made of fiberglass and PVC, get a matching garage door that will complete the design. Finding the balance between the house and the new garage door is the key to a beautiful curb appeal that will make a good impression.

Keep the same style

The garage is visible from the street, so you have to pay attention to the type of doors you use and how they blend in the overall design of the house. The style of the house is very important as well because you can never put an aluminum garage door on a classic Victorian house or a sleek steel door on a rustic one. To make sure you manage to boost the curb appeal instead of ruining it, choose garage doors that match the other construction details of the house.

Upgrade your new garage doors

Don’t forget to install a garage door opener on your brand new garage door in order to add them the ultimate touch of functionality and convenience. The most beautiful garage doors need a practical opening system that will allow you to enter the garage without having to get out of the car. Depending on the style of the garage door you choose and the material it’s made of, there are many many openers to choose from. You can opt for a chain-drive garage door opener that can handle large wooden doors or you can go for a more silent belt-drive type that works with lighter doors like fiberglass or aluminum.