Buying and installing a stove – what should you know?


Stoves have become quite a popular buy among homeowners, who desire to make their household more comfortable and stylish at the same time. The market stands at your disposal with a beautiful selection of options, varying in both price, features and style. If you have been thinking about purchasing this type of home addition yourself, you might not exactly know what to choose, nor the implications of installing this type of item, so receiving a few guidelines on the topic might be useful. Here are the most relevant things to know about the purchase and installation of a burner:

Setting a budget

If you have a vague idea about how much this type of item costs, the first thing you should do, when interested in purchasing one is setting a budget. Because these fireplaces can vary significantly in terms of price, you should know right from the start how much money you are willing to spend on the purchase, in order to avoid looking at options that will not suit your financial possibilities. Although you should not expect finding a cheap stove that excels in terms of efficiency or heating capacity, if you buy from the right supplier, such as, you will be able to benefit from some affordable options that do not compromise on quality.

Know what the market has to offer

Knowing all of your options is essential in choosing the best type of stove for your household. There are basically two types of wooden stoves, and each one comes with its own subcategories:

  • Non-catalytic stoves – these ones do not use a catalyst for a complete combustion, but three internal characteristics instead.  
  • Catalytic stoves – catalytic combustion means a ceramic coated honeycomb, which is placed inside the stove, being the one through which the smoky exhaust is being passed.

Think about the alternative that will function best in your household, and select the right option for your particular needs and preferences.

Size and model

The heating capacity of the fireplace is also something the needs your attention. Because you probably do not want to invest a large amount of money in a stove that fails to provide you with the heating results expected, documenting yourself about this particular aspect in advance is necessary. So, the size and model of the stove are the next aspects that need to be thought through. In order to decide on a suitable dimension, you should consider the area you are planning to heat. There are stoves that are designed to heat a single room, while others can heat an entire home. Depending on the climate of the area you live in, on how large or old your house might be, as well as your desires in terms of fuel consumption, you can opt for an appropriate size. Also, the stoves can come in various models, so if you want to take style into consideration, you can easily come across a fireplace that will look great in your home and compliment the rest of your interior design.

Reading reviews

Regardless if you might or might not know what type of stove you are seeking, the best way to find out if a particular model is worth its price or if you should search for another alternative is by reading reviews. There are informative websites that provide you with a wide range of useful details on the topic. To really establish if the stove model, size or brand you have had your eyes on is the right answer for you, finding out what other buyers have to say about it will be extremely useful. So, before starting to look for a supplier or placing an order, make sure to research what others have to say about the particular type of stove you are interested in purchasing. This aspect will prevent you from wasting your money on something that will not provide you with the efficiency, style or heating capacity you desire, so do not overlook its importance.   

Choosing a reliable supplier

After going through each one of the steps mentioned above, you will need to find yourself a supplier that can provide you with a quality guaranty. As soon as you start searching for online shops that sell these types of items, you will come across quite a wide range of options, so making a choice will not be an easy task. Because you probably want for your investment to be worth it, and for purchased stove to rise up to your expectations, do a bit of research on the supplier’s reliability before buying form them. Can you find any testimonials from satisfied customers? Does the supplier stand at your disposal with advantageous shipping and return policies? Are their prices reasonable ones? Compare various online shops, and choose the best option for you.

Installation is not a DIY project

After buying the perfect stove for your household, installing it is what comes next. Regardless if you have decided to purchase a contemporary gas stove or a wood burning option, one thing you should be aware of is that you will need a professional for the installation. This type of task needs to be performed by someone who is qualified and experienced, because it involves certain safety risks, especially when it comes to gas fuelled stoves. Usually, the suppliers that sell these types of items stand at your disposal with installation services as well, but you can easily find an experienced, qualified and reliable installer just by searching on the internet.

A stove can be a useful addition to your home environment, from both an aesthetic and a functional point of view. If you have been contemplating on making this type of purchase recently, learning a few things on the subject will certainly help you out. The details mentioned above will help you with your biggest purchase and installation questions, so make sure to keep them in mind. After you install your new stove, you will be glad you have chosen to make this purchase.