Cosy bedroom – key elements to create a comfortable space

Let’s do an experiment. Close your eyes and try to imagine how the perfect bedroom would look for you. A cosy bedroom is many things, it is the room of the house where you show off your personality, it is the place where you installed a comfortable bed, it is the place where you hide when you want to read your favourite book. There are great chances, when you try to describe the perfect bedroom you to have in mind a photo you have seen on Pinterest. There are multiple paths to obtain a cosy bedroom, whether you will have to paint the walls, or you will change the furniture, you will have to plan how to redesign your sanctuary to make it perfect for your needs.

Not only the bedroom, but the entire house should be welcoming, and should have a soothing effect on you. If you are fed up with its present style, then you should check the following tips, they will help you create the bedroom of your dreams.

Bring life inside

If you are looking for an element to cheer up your bedroom, then you should bring inside some plants. They can easily lift the space and they have great benefits for your health, because they clear the air. In 2019, the trend is to use tropical plants in interior design, so you can check the local stores, and see what plants would suit the style of your house. If you are looking for some suggestions, you should bring a palm or a cheese plant indoors, because they are the favourites of celebrities. Another idea is to have fresh flowers in your room, bring a new bouquet every week. If you do not like plants, then an alternative would be to use an aquarium as a design element.

Light up the bedroom

If you want to create a cosy atmosphere in the bedroom, then you can do it without spending a fortune. Do you remember the fairy lights your parents used to decorate your room, when you were afraid to sleep alone? If you will check bloggers’ Instagram pages, you will notice that they consider them essential elements for their bedrooms. Depending on the model of fairy lights you want to use, you can install them in a corner of a room, around the mirror, or you can hang them on your ceiling. They will offer a warm glow to the space and you can use them as alternative light source, when you want to spend a cosy night. The goal is to have some warm and low lights to help you create a comfortable environment.

Think twice before installing wall art

Wall art can be a great way to cheer up a space, but you have to be cautions when using it, because it can easily make the space look overwhelmed. If you want to create a comfortable bedroom, then the trick is to follow the statement “Less is more”. If you want to use artwork to create a point of focus, then it is recommended to opt for a large statement piece. It will offer impact, and it will attract the entire attention. Your mind will focus on a single item. You can use something abstract, or you can use a piece of art that has meaning to you.

Stop making the bed

Yes, you heard it right, people are used to make the bed every morning before they leave the house, but studies show that if you enter a bedroom with a neat bed, it no longer offers you the impression of a comfortable space. You should have a haphazard approach when making the bed, you should inspire from the Scandinavian style. Your bed should always look ready for you to jump in, and when you leave in the morning, you do not have to be worried that the bed sheets have wrinkles. Your comfort should be more important than the way the bed looks, if you are obsessed with tiding, you might be reading the wrong article.

Caffeine is all you need

One of the most important touches when creating a cosy space is to install practical items. Who says that you have to take your breakfast in the kitchen? You can have a breakfast tray and take your cup of coffee in bed with you. If you want to eat your dinner in bed, together with a glass of wine, the tray is the perfect way to take everything in the bedroom. Caffeine has unique properties, it makes people feel fresh and awake, so what do you say about burning some coffee fragranced candles.

Choose the right window treatments

If you want to have a great sleep at night, you should install window treatments that allow you to create complete darkness in the room when the night comes. In the morning, you can pull them to margins with the help of a few strips of sash ribbon. Different people have different sleeping preferences; therefore, you have to determine what factors influence your sleep and to choose the window treatments according to your preferences. It is important the window treatments to enhance the style and beauty of the room.

Play with textures

If you are part of the category of people who cannot leave the room without bringing a few adjustments to the way their bed looks, you should look for ways to use different textures in your house. When it comes to layering textures, you can take the process a step further and instead of putting the fabrics one above the other, you can throw them together. An idea is to replace the cotton sheets with stonewashed linen; it has a crinkly texture that looks comfortable and stylish. The sheets are the base of the scheme, use pillows in neutral tones to enhance the aesthetics of the room. If you like faux fur, then you can add it to your interior design. If you are not a fur person, then you can opt for some chunky knit pieces.