Creating Your Cabin in the Woods

Cabins are a wonderful place to relax and reconnect with nature. While you can find many cabins located along lakes and rivers around the world, there are others who are hidden deep in the forest. If you have a woodside forest or would just like to decorate your home with a rustic wooden cabin theme, then be sure to incorporate these tips.

Use Muted Colors

Muted colors like rich browns, coal blacks and spruce greens are popular color choices when decorating a wood cabin. While you can paint the walls, these colors, you can also incorporate them through using bedspreads and throws. Think about hanging art, like wild birds art, on the walls that feature these colors.

Create a Fireplace

A fireplace helps create the rustic cabin feeling. You can have a real one installed, use an electric one or build a faux one out of natural materials. Think about placing natural scenes from nature, like tiny bear statues, on the mantle to add interest to the room.

Use Table Lamps

Table lamps featuring outdoor scenes can help enhance the cabin-in-the-woods feeling of any room. Consider those with sculpted bases along with those with scenes on their lampshades. Contemplate sticking with those have natural color.

Add a Whimsical Touch

No cabin should be without a whimsical touch. Think about incorporating a wooden bear statue created with chainsaws would be a great addition to many cabins. You can even find examples of bears holding fun signs like “Wipe Your Paws” or “Howdy.” Choosing one will set a memorable tone as soon as guests arrive at your cabin.

Even if all you can do right now is make a wish for your cabin in the woods, following these simple home decor ideas will create a cabin feeling. Go ahead and embrace your love for the great outdoors by using themes from it throughout your home.