Fashion and beauty trends that can cause more harm than good


Every year comes with new trends in beauty, fashion, music, movies and any other domain. When it comes to beauty and fashion products they are designed to help people improve their life’s quality. But the fact is that not all the beauty trends people follow are good for their health. People tend to go through extreme makeovers to change the way they look, but how many times do they ask themselves if the trend they are following is safe for their health. The majority of them do not even know the danger they expose themselves, because they are too excited by the results and they forget to check the consequences. But is it worth the cost of a beauty trend to be your health?

Tanning and its effects on your health

Even if everyone talks about the danger of exposing yourself to the sun, and tanning beds, very few people understand that it could cost them their life. What is worse is the fact that the majority of teenagers expose themselves to sunlamps, because they want to achieve that glowy skin they see on celebrities. What you should know before stepping into a tanning bed is that it can cause great damage to your skin, and if you expose yourself repeatedly you can get skin cancer, eye damage and skin burns. And where you count that tanning can make your skin look older than it actually is.

People prefer to expose themselves to sun lamps because it is a fast way to fix their pale skin. Studies show that the women who expose themselves to ultraviolet light have 50% more chances to experience melanoma. What melanoma is? One of the deadliest and most dangerous types of skin cancer. In the past tanning beds were promoted to people who wanted to fix their pale skin, because they were considered safe, but recent researches on what the causes skin cancer are, show that there is a strong connection between melanoma and tanning.

Weaves and braids

What the main cause of women losing their hair is? Well, they are multiple, but in case you do not suffer from a health issue, you should not experience this issue. Hairstyle choices can be the ones that lead to hair loss. Many women lose their hair, because they style it in waves and braids. If you style your hair in braids regularly you may end up experiencing cicatricial alopecia. Many women pay a lot of money to have their hair styled in weaves or braids, but they do not know that they pay to get bald in their thirties.

Tattoos and piercings

More than 50% of the people under 45 years have a tattoo, and half of them regret this decision. When having a tattoo you get ink pushed under your dermis, and this means that the protective barrier of your skin is damaged, and viruses and bacteria can pass through. In case you experience small infections around the tattoo area, then they can lead to more serious health issues as sepsis. Many people reported to had ink allergies when the equipment used ro ink them was not properly cleaned. Also, if you do not get a tattoo with a professional artist, you may even take viruses as HIV and hepatitis C. The same happens when you have a piercing, because if the artist does not use sterilization procedures you can suffer from scarring, bleeding and allergic reactions.

Lash extensions

Many people consider lash extensions as miracle products, because they can lengthen and thicken your actual lashes. But the reality is not as perfect as you imagine. When the artist applies you the lashes one by one, they have to use a semi-permanent glue. Also, you will have to visit the beauty professional to have touch-ups almost once a month. In case you wear lash extensions for a long period of time, you may end up experiencing hair loss for your natural eyelashes. In case the eyelashes are not applied properly you can even experience permanent damage. Make sure the beauty artist you work with has graduated one of the certified beauty school programs, because they will be able to advise you how often you can benefit from this beauty treatment, and say if you are a good candidate.

Killer high heels

This term may have two meanings. The majority of women use it when they want to define fashionably shoes that make their legs look extremely sexy. But high heels are really killers for your legs, because if you wear them often they will affect your posture, back and feet. It is advisable to wear high heels only for special occasions, because in this way they will not affect your health. In case you wear them regularly, they will shorten the muscles of your back and calves and you will experience muscle spasms and chronic pains. In case you force your toes into narrow pairs of shoes then you can expect to suffer from bunions and nerve damage. Heels can put pressure on your spine and this leads to an increased risk of sciatica in time.

Decorative contact lenses

You should not play Russian roulette with your eyes. People consider decorative contact lenses as the ultimate fashion trend, but they have no idea what danger is hidden behind them. If you want to use them, you have to make sure that you clean and care them properly. Also, it is not advisable to share them with other people because you can experience eye infections. You should know that there are very few providers of lenses on the market that are approved by the FDA, and in the majority of cases they sell them at higher prices than the other companies on the market. The majority of online stores that sell lenses online are doing it fraudulent. If you want to make sure that you will not harm the health of your eyes, then you should see a doctor and get a prescription. It is not recommended to use contact lenses only for their decorative purpose, you should use them only if you suffer from a health issue that can be fixed with their help. Take care of your eyes, because they are important.