Funny Halloween Costumes Inspired by Celebrities

Is Halloween nearly there, and you have no idea what costume to choose? If you are in this stressful situation, then you need to rapidly find a saving solution. Make yourself comfortable, and have a look at the following funny Halloween costumes inspired by celebrities.

Kim Kardashian as a skeleton

Usually, people try to be as scary as they can when Halloween comes. They look for costumes that make them look absolutely terrifying. It seems like this is not available for Kim Kardashian, who has chosen a costume that looks more hilarious rather than scary. This skeleton outfit is without a doubt a funny one, which will definitely make you laugh instead of being scared. Men and women as well can go for this type of outfit as they both will look the same, very funny.

Colton Haynes as Princess Fiona

Colton Haynes is a person who is known for its incredible charm. Why did he choose a costume like that, we have no idea. One thing is certain, it looks completely crazy and funny at the same time. Princess Fiona is known as the heroine of Shrek, a beloved children movie, but Colton Haynes dressed as Fiona is just great. If Halloween is approaching and you want a funny costume, maybe this one will be an inspiring one. If you choose it, make sure that you paint your skin in green, as this is the most important aspect in the whole picture.

Taylor Swift as a Pegacorn

Lots of people would say that the outfit is similar to a unicorn, but the truth is that it is not. It is actually a Pegacorn, or at least, this is what Taylor Swift said. And if we think well, this is exactly what makes it look very funny. We wouldn’t have imagined Taylor Swift dressed like this for Halloween, but here she is dressed like a Pegacorn. This is without a doubt one of the funniest Halloween costumes inspired by celebrities.

Matthew Morrison as a big baby

The Glee star chose to dress up as a big baby, carried by an elderly person. Most of us probably think that celebrities don’t usually choose this type of outfits, but they actually do, and they amuse us a lot. It is true that most of the who do that are the once with a big sense of humor. However, in case you are in a lack of inspiration and do not know what funny costume to choose, you could consider this a great idea. However, the main thing when wearing something like that is that you will definitely not go unnoticed.