Great ways to create a better business card


Have you ever felt embarrassed when someone asked your business card? Sometimes people order their business cards online, without checking the model the provider will send, and they end up having a card they do not like. They simply do not promote your firm in a positive way, and you prefer not to offer them, because you know that your partners and clients will have a bad impression. You know that card that are made from fragile paper, feature a dull design and do not represent your brand? They are the ones you want to forget about. You do not want to be the businessperson who apologizes when you offer your business card to a client, because this will make you decrease the chances of convincing someone to choose your brand instead another one. And let’s face it, you are not the only one who offers this type of services in your industry. Therefore, before getting in touch with a name card printing company, you should check the following tips, because they will help you design an amazing business card.

Stay away from cluttered cards

Clutter is the last thing you should see on the business card. The design should not include unnecessary information. So before going to print them, makes sure that the person, who will receive it, needs to know all the details you want to write on it. You should imagine that you are a potential client and you receive the name card with the purpose to contact the representative of a certain company. What information you need to know? Do you need a fax number? In the majority of cases, people do not communicate through fax, so you should think twice if you should include it or not. You should provide only basic details, and offer them complete information on your website. Check the following features a business card should include:

  • Your name
  • The complete name of the brand you represent
  • You specialization or role in the company
  • The web address of the firm
  • Your email, or the official email of the company
  • Your phone number or the phone number of your firm

Quality is essential

A business card is one of the smallest elements that represent your company, but is it of crucial importance. Therefore, you have to be sure that you get the best of it. You do not have to waste your time in creating a complex business card, if you are not willing to pay for quality printed materials. If the provider states that the model you have chosen will not look good on print, then you should trust them, and choose another one. You are not a graphic designer, but you can ask a specialist to come with a few ideas, and to choose the one you consider representative for your company. Your business card is your opportunity to show your potential clients that you are an expert. So you should try to find more about the print techniques the provider uses, what special finishes you can use and what paper options you have. You should choose a premium version of cards, because in this way, you show your clients respect. If you do not know too much about cards printing, then you should talk with professionals and find their opinion. They will be able to offer you advice.

Space is important

The usage of the space of a business card is extremely important. You have to be sure that your cards have enough margins, regardless what their size is. If you are going to print them by yourself, then you should make a sample, to see how it looks. Also, do not skip from view the layout, because it is a common situation people to end up having vertical or horizontal cards. Nowadays are on trend cards with multi-directional text patterns, so if you consider it suitable for the specific of your firm, you should opt for it. If you want to show that you have design skills, then you should choose an unconventional text layout. However, you have to make sure that you do not go overboard, so you should ask the opinion of your partners and of the printing specialists. The perfect design is a balance between visual esthetic and clear information.