Hair loss in men: physical appearance influences personality

When preparing for a job interview, you research the company’s profile, anticipate questions, prepare answers and even practice with a friend, but the attention paid to the attire is incommensurable, which means that you spend a decent amount of time in front of the mirror before leaving the house because you know that the other person will analyze you from head to toe before handing you out the position. Before going out on a date, you brainstorm great conversation starters, adopt a positive mindset, pick some adequate clothes and fix your hair so that you can make a lasting first impression. When planning to run in the park or around your neighborhood, you make sure to choose workout clothes that flatter your type of body and clean shoes, you take a bottle of water to stay hydrated, make sure that you listen to your favorite motivational songs and walk out the door confident. However, since the warm season invited everyone in the park, you do stop once in a while to check your physical appearance, although nobody has to look good while jogging.

The pressure of perfection: society is judgmental

All the situations mentioned above have the purpose to emphasize the importance physical aspect enjoys in today’s society. Even studies confirm that better looking individuals earn a higher income or attract visually stunning partners, which obviously leads to a happier, more fulfilling life because they experience accomplishments both personally and professionally. However, the reality is that not all people are beautiful – keep in mind that we are referring strictly to conventional standards of physical beauty. Whether you are too short, too tall, too fat, too skinny, you will probably face harsh judgments from others who are far from perfect. Thus, we cannot imagine the feelings and emotions overwhelming men suffering from hair loss from a fairly young age. Many associate balding or alopecia with the end of desirability and vitality leading to reduced self-esteem, resentment, anger and frustration.  Those affected desperately resort to all types of promising treatments that prove to be both expensive and useless at the same time. Consequently, their life experiences a 90-degree turn paved with negativity. Is this an overreaction or an over-exaggeration?

A minor physical flaw can destroy a mountain of confidence

According to experts, the answer is no. We all know that people lose approximately 100 strands of hair daily, but it does not become a concern as long as it grows back. However, imagine that you start helplessly witnessing the hair thinning gradually. Apparently, in such a situation, in 1000 days you will no longer have hair on your head. How would you feel about it, especially taking into account the great accent society puts on physical appearance nowadays? The main causes leading to alopecia include strict diets, iron deficiency anemia, severe infections, high febrile condition, disruption of thyroid function and certain drugs. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, hair loss in men is hereditary and it destroys even the strongest wall of confidence. The bright side is that a small percentage of women or partners truly pay attention to this aspect so why do men still assume that it represents a turn-off? The explanation is more than simple: although a woman would choose personality in the detriment of physical aspect, what really matters is being comfortable in your own skin. Therefore, if you have an inferiority complex, it immediately shows on the outside.

The impact of hair loss on a man’s personality is undeniable

Undoubtedly, hair is a precious asset for a man and its loss represents a threat for his imposing personality. Apart from deflated confidence, underestimated capabilities, mental anxiety and psychological trauma also fall into the category of negative effects caused by alopecia. More exactly, the loss of confidence inevitably leads to depression, which decreases mental strength and stability. The feeling of irritation and frustration becomes increasingly dominant, which represents an obvious proof that hair loss endangers the mental spirit going beyond the physical aspect. Once this condition manages to defeat the man both physically and mentally, he lives with the impression that something is missing, although his involvement level in various areas reaches its peak. Taking into account the overall situation, the presence of trauma and psychological distress does not come as a surprise. The social pressure of looking in a certain way, whether you participate in job interviews, attend a formal event or go to the movies, train in the gym or walk on the street does not help men suffering from alopecia recover from their mental instability.

The available treatments for alopecia are numerous

Keeping in mind the impact of hair loss on a man’s personality, the following question rapidly arises: can you still embrace a stress-free lifestyle? Well, this should not be so difficult if all men could benefit from a solution or a miracle that could restore their once thick and healthy hair. Could that solution be scalp reduction, hairline lowering, low-level laser therapy, hair transplantation or Topical finasteride? Should those affected by alopecia direct their full attention towards natural hair loss remedies like organic foods, green tea, pumpkin seeds, bone broth, wild-caught fish and caffeine while eliminating from their diet sugar, alcohol and processed foods? Should they resort to different types of healthy oils for stimulating hair growth? Apparently, rosemary represents a great option for people who desire longer and thicker hair; spikenard oil not only promotes hair growth, but also slows down the graying process while sage, lavender and peppermint are beneficial for increasing scalp circulation.

People tend to overlook the great impact emotional stress can have on the health of their hair. Not getting enough rest and quality sleep are common mistakes that affect emotional balance. Those who choose to incorporate therapeutic massages and other stress relievers in their daily routine will notice a significant improvement in their mood, not to mention that improves blood circulation and encourages hair growth. We all know the saying: it is better to prevent than to lament.