How to Design the Perfect Screened Patio

Having a screened patio offers you the advantage of being able to enjoy it all year round without having to worry about the weather. You can relax in the summer without insects and heat disturbing you and you can use it in the winter as well if you use an efficient heater that will increase the temperatures. These being said, you can start picturing the design of your screened patio and create your perfect relaxation spot using the ideas presented below.

    • Use wood for building the patio because the natural option is always the most beautiful and it best fits the design. You can either build the frame yourself or you can opt for a screened patio kit you can purchase, just make sure you keep the design and details of your house. This implies the same type of roof and matching colors of the wood. A vaulted ceiling adds a touch of style to the screened patio and will help create the feeling that the patio is higher.
    • When it comes to closing the patio, opt for glass walls that are the most stylish option and offer you a clear view of the surroundings. Glass is perfect for keeping an open space although there are walls framing the patio and it allows you to enjoy natural light to the fullest. Make sure you leave a door that will enable you to go outside whenever you like and consider sliding doors that are the most practical when it comes to closing a patio.
    • The floor is as important as the wooden construction and the glass walls and it must match the rest of the design. Opt for weatherproof flooring that will still look good after the rain enters the patio or if the sun hits it directly. Although wood would best match the rest of the design, we suggest tiles that are more resistant, especially since you can find tiles that mimic wooden floors.
  • You will want the patio to be cozy on every season, so you will have to adapt the temperatures to the exterior by using the proper cooling and heating systems. Since you don’t want the patio to add to your electricity bill, opt for energy-efficient units like tower fans for hot summer days and infrared heaters for the cold days of winter. These two useful devices will make sure the inside temperatures remain comfortable so you will manage to enjoy sitting in your patio.
  • Once the patio is built, you can start furnishing and equipping it with a TV and a stereo system so you can have fun with your friends. If the space allows you, you can add a comfortable sofa besides the table with chairs and perhaps design a small bar so you can prepare your favorite cocktail recipe.