Important steps for a successful film production

Watching a film at home or at the cinema with friends represents a relaxing activity that challenges your emotional side by causing you positive or negative emotions depending on the genre. The wide range of movies released has the purpose to match everyone’s personality. Comedies have the power to brighten your day and romantic films can warm your heart while dramas will most likely make you shed one or a few tears and science fiction films take you to another dimension and amaze you with the effects and the creativity. Nevertheless, have you ever thought about the amount of work that producing a film requires? Well, the involvement of various elements including professional and creative people, a film production company, adequate equipment, concept, script and location is essential, not to mention about the discussions and brainstorming meetings concerning the steps that could lead to a successful film.

The concept is the film foundation

Even though you have the right people and the adequate equipment, this will not guarantee a successful film. The first element you need before anything else is the concept, also considered the foundation of the film because it can help you develop the story. Considering that inspiration can hit you when you least expect, you should not be impatient and force your brain to concentrate. Instead, you should always be prepared to mark down any idea that pops into your head, during the day or even at night, in your sleep. Dreams and books often become more interesting and bizarre than reality so do not let these inspirational sources to waste.

Create a script

After you establish the concept, you practically need to deliver it or share it with other members of the crew meaning that you have to create a script. Obviously, the script must contain the characters and their name, the dialogue and certain necessary directions. Moreover, a script can help you organize your thoughts and approach them with an objective perspective. Thus, you can decide if you need to make some changes regarding the story or other details that simply do not match. Besides the producer and the editor, the cast must carefully read the script not only to memorize their lines before the shooting but also to make sure that they can perform certain stunts. If not, a double is required for the scene in question.

Casting your film

The actors have the power to transform your concept into reality. For this particular reason, you have to be very selective and pay great attention to every detail, from the talent and a serious approach of their role to the facial expressions and the chemistry between the characters. Whether he must play the role of a villain, a police officer, a parent or a bullied child the actor’s height, weight, voice tone and overall appearance must perfectly match with the character. He must be able to take criticism and follow the directions in order to carry off his role until the very end.

Select the location

Selecting the right location for shooting the film represents a time-consuming and challenging task. First, you have to consider the setting you envisioned when you created the story. For instance, if the action takes place in 1990, then you have to make sure that the background does not ruin the realism and the atmosphere of those times. Obviously, avoiding modern urban areas is the smartest move. No element that could ruin the film’s credibility must end up in the final scenes. Apart from this aspect, you should also take into account the convenience and the budget. After you establish the location, you have to visit and examine several options in order to make a decision. The final step is to receive the legal permission for filming in the respective area.

Gather the necessary equipment

As we mentioned before, the production of a film requires a multitude of elements. Therefore, even after you have a mind-blowing concept, talented actors and a perfect location, you still need to gather the equipment. The most essential pieces of equipment you must obtain are a camera and a tripod but if you consider yourself a professional and you aspire to a high quality finished product then you must invest more money. A green screen, light reflectors, a microphone, headphones, an external monitor and clapboard will ensure and improve the sound, the light and the image.

The shoot

This represents a key step because all the efforts and the time you lost discussing and preparing every aspect of the film will pay off. Before recording, every other person in the area except the actors playing in the scenes must be quiet and ready to do their job. The equipment must be installed properly in order to make necessary adjustments concerning the lights and the sound whenever the scene requires them. After the recording of a certain scene, the director usually views it in order to decide if he will include it in the film or if he will reshoot it. In the second case, he must inform and explain to the actors the changes needed. On set, communication is the most important.

Post-production and distribution

After the shooting ends, the editor must step into the picture in order to execute certain tasks related to post-production, which consists of reviewing the entire footage, cutting certain scenes, inserting special effects, dubbing if needed, among others.  As we all know, post-production represents the less difficult final stage of the film meaning that soon you will have the opportunity of seeing your film on the big screen. However, for that to happen, you need a distributor with an efficient marketing strategy who will manage to sell the movie. Test screenings are essential because they help you observe if the film creates the desired impact on the audience. The process has been overwhelming and tiring, but if the film becomes successful all the difficult moments will become history and the people will be able to enjoy your breathtaking creation.