Keeping Your Kids Busy While You Are at Work

Nowadays it is a necessity for both parents to work in order to sustain the family and especially women started caring more about their careers than they used to. And that is actually for the better because it goes as far as setting an example for the children, but also it is better for the mental health and self-confidence of moms. Moreover, the concept of stay-at-home dads became a thing and that is also beneficial for the relationship between them and their kids and the level of implication they have on educating them. However, there is a serious issue when it comes to both parents working while the kids are on school brakes and holidays because there are not many options on where to send them or how to keep them busy. Since leaving them home alone is not an option because of the dangers they might put themselves into, the attachment issues or other things that may occur, there has to be an adult to supervise them. In addition, children need to be taught small things at all time, so if they are left alone in the house, they will develop self-education, which is not necessarily a bad thing if it is somehow supervised.

The problem concerning where to send the kids while at work is a general issue and there are a bunch of effective solutions that we are going to elaborate below.


Even though it is not as fashionable anymore to send your kids to your parents, it is the cheapest solution and frankly the most desirable. Why? Because they did a great job raising you and they can do the same with your child (for the short amount of time they spend with them). Plus, it is not a myth that the time your kids spend with them will be more fun than your childhood was. They don’t have that big of a responsibility like you do, when it comes to their education, so they will quickly turn to the grandparents everybody talks about. It is even better if they live close by because it will be easier for them to come to your place or for you to take the kids to theirs. Letting your kids spend time with their grandparents can be very beneficial for both parties because children get to learn about how it was “back in the day”, have a great time playing with them and the elders get to be children again and that is good for their mental health. Moreover, when your parents retire, as a general rule, they feel like they are not needed anymore and that they are useless, so sending your children to them could be something they can do to kill their free time. You can trust they love your kids like no one else does (especially a stranger) and they will do their best to take care of them. On the other hand, you might be worried that their methods can be a little outdated, but having a talk with them on what to do and not to do should do the trick.


If the grandparents solution is not in the picture because of various reasons, you can always opt for a babysitter. There are specialized people that do that for a living or you can ask someone close that you know will do their best with your children. The most available babysitters are actually college or high school students that are looking for a part time job to earn some pocket money and they are the best choice when it comes to flexibility, energy and also maturity. They are very skilled when it comes to multitasking and juggling between school and work and, besides, they have the school breaks at the same time with your children, so that should not be a problem for either of you. Plus, most youngsters look for summer jobs and babysitting kids is the most chosen option for them as it is flexible and fun and they don’t have to sit at a desk or stand for a long period of time. They will never get bored playing with your children and they will grow to love each other really quickly. And think about it: they can also help them with homework since school is not that far in the past for them.

Day camps

Sending your kids to day camp can be one of the best solutions there is because they will learn life skills and abilities while having fun and making friends. And we all know how easily they can make friends with basically everyone. There are also plenty of options, but it really depends on where you live. Day camps in Queens, for example, are usually affordable and most of them offer camp packages to fit the age of your children up to teenage years. Going to camp will give your kids the opportunity to develop on a personal level, helping them to become responsible and mentally healthy adults teaching them how to be happy and how to take initiative. It will also be helpful in terms of giving children the social sense of community and showing them how important it is to take care of themselves and the environment that surrounds them. Kids that go to camp during summer have been shown to be more confident, self-sufficient, with a strong healthy character and they also find it easier to make important life choices like picking a career path based on their passions.

Summer afterschool programs

These programs work similarly to the day camps, but they tend to look more like school than like a camp. They promise similar results such as self-confidence, building life skills in general and engaging them in educational activities for overall personal development, but through more formal activities. By sending your kids to afterschool and summer programs you will help them strengthen their academic and educational route while making friends and having fun.