Life Skills You Should Have by 30

Every functioning adult should have a set of well-developed skills, but this demands a bit of effort on their part. However, this will definitely help them acquire higher levels of functionality and self-sustenance. There is no handbook for being an adult but having the skills below will certainly help.

Learn to gracefully accept feedback

Positive or negative, feedback should always be taken as a positive response to your work and skills and should always be seen as an opportunity to develop better professional and life skills. This particular ability will be developed in time, only if you are willing to do so. While all of us can graciously accept positive feedback, issues appear when people are given negative feedbacks. The trick here is to learn how to set aside the immediate emotional response and focus on the information provided in the feedback. While some information will be invalid, some traces of validity may exist even in the most pointless observation. Learn to identify those and work on perfecting your skill. Depending on each circumstance, learn how to positively and gracefully react to criticism and feedback. It will help you incredibly before and after you turn 30. But especially after hitting that milestone, as more maturity and tact are expected on your part. So, reacting appropriately regardless of the circumstances becomes mandatory.


Learn how to properly and sincerely apologize

Error is human. Misbehaviour is human. Apologizing is also human, but not an innate quality of us. While many of us might realize when mistakes are made on our part, we should also learn the highly-valued skill of saying “Sorry, I made a mistake”. Your apologies should hit three spots: they should be sincere, they should emphasize the fact that you know what your mistake was and that it won’t happen again, and they should not be quantified. Many seem to overlook how apologizing appropriately is, especially after you hit 30. Work on this skill, as it will help you to relate better with your peers and colleagues.

Learn a new language

Some of us know a second language since kindergarten, but it might happen to lack this skill, if you come from a less-privileged background. You can always rely on English lessons online, if you’re not a native speaker. After all, English is the world second widely-spoken language. Learning a second language will open new job and travel opportunities for you and will make you a more valuable asset to your company. This is why so many large corporations are searching for individuals with such skills. They increase company’s overall value and they open new opportunities for the company as well.

Learn how to politely say “No”

Many of us still have to learn how to refuse or decline someone, mainly because of being afraid coming off as rude or impolite. Instead, we always tend to accept invitations or extra tasks, even if they make us feel uncomfortable, they make us work for longer or harder. However, by the age of 30, you should already learn the magic trick of refusing people. Saying “no” will cost you less than what you think. It won’t cost you a friendship, a well-paid job, a close family relationship. Instead, it will save you from plenty of guilt, attachment, time spent for others, extra commitments and stress. Learn how to politely refuse something or someone, and this will save you from all the downsides.

Learn body-language communication

Body language can tell a person more than you are willing to share about you. This is why learning how to send certain messages through your body posture and attitude will help you become more likeable. One good starting point is maintaining eye contact with your conversation partner even after they finish speaking. On the other hand, learning how to interpret other’s body language will help you understand better their stances and even what they are thinking. By the age of 30, you should definitely be able to tell when somebody is lying to you, by only their body positioning and facial expressions.

Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts

There is a pretty high chance that you work a job that demands the use of a computer, and subsequently, a keyboard. There are plenty of resources where you can learn from valuable keyboard shortcuts, regardless of the operating system installed on your computer. This will save you plenty of time at work and will make you look even more professional. Certainly, a skill that you have to learn.

These are some of the skills all adults should develop and perfect by the age of 30. Being more likeable, more valuable for your workplace, secure on your own decisions, these are incredibly valuable skills for somebody that hits such an important milestone in their lives. Fortunately, the Internet as plenty of ideas and suggestions for you!