Mini-guide to brand research and online presence


Since people are living in the digital era, it would be quite difficult not to take advantage of the many benefits technology brings to every extent. Starting with people’s personal lives and reaching the business sector, technology and the Internet as a whole changed the general perception of life, on communicating especially. This is the main reason why one should be able to use this digitality to their advantage, instead of working against it. Some companies tend to avoid creating an online presence and base themselves on traditional strategies only, which is not ideal since many people tend to look for information about reliable companies online. A company that does not have a powerful brand, that does not know much about competitors and has no skills in making itself known to the large public won’t succeed in the future.

The online field is getting more and more attention lately, so it would be a shame not to learn how to deal with its intricacies. People started to rush constantly, they seek rapid information, they want concise details and the fastest way to achieve these goals is by using technology and the online environment. What’s great about this environment is the fact that you can build a brand extremely easy, compared to the traditional methods of doing it. This article should represent a mini-guide to help people understand brand research and building an online presence better, without complicating things. See below a list of the concepts you will meet in your journey and some details about them.

Building awareness and reputation

Becoming a new, small & successful business is hard enough without adding the fact that there’s competition out there. In a world filled with limitless options, it is you who is going to decide whether you are going to meet the expectations of the public or not. Building and refining yourself as an online brand is a very first step towards achieving what you desire. That’s why it is paramount to get to know each detail about the field you are working in, starting with competitors. Brand research intervenes here and can offer you the right amount of information related to awareness, visibility, differences, positions, opportunities, threats and so on.

Yet, this is usually something you won’t be able to do on your own. Instead of facing the trouble of becoming a branding specialist yourself, how about contacting one? There are lots and lots of companies out there that can make you understand what are the missing puzzle pieces, what measurements you will have to take in the future in order to change something in the way your company is perceived. Take Sapio Research as an example, by looking through their numerous services offered. Finding out if your brand is visible enough and action so that you are changing the situation is the first step in a long process you’ll have to undergo.


Getting to know your audience is part of the whole job. Your goal would be to understand who your customers are so that you will be able to get the common realms they participate in. Being prevalent in one’s life is not an easy thing to do, and with so many competitors around you, uniqueness is almost impossible to achieve. Social media seems pretty repetitive if you look closely and that is the exact reason why you will have to be spontaneous, but calculated. Coming up with something new is the factor that will drag you out of anonymity. Employing a listening strategy, detailing your customer demographics – these are all methods to get to know the people you work with and take the right measurements in the nearby future. Without paying attention to feedback, you won’t go anywhere.

Plus, you will also have to learn how to tailor your audience online. It is full of scams on the Internet and everyone can pretend to be anybody. What makes you reliable? What makes you trustworthy? It all comes from your online presence and how well you managed to research information related to your brand.


Being consistent mean that you are going to be in the top preferences of customers. Companies that are not consistent may be attracting customers for a short while (in the time they are actually putting in some effort for their image) and then remain neutral or even lose some of the previous customers. Consistency is one of the biggest secrets of the online environment. Who would be following a person on Instagram if she or he posts some pictures every six months? Probably no one. As mentioned before, this era is all about fast, reliable information. Keep people informed and you will have to gain. Don’t forget to keep yourself honest both to yourself and to your customers. Otherwise, you risk throwing away all your hard work for a simple mistake.

Being a brand

You probably already know some brands that are extremely profitable just because of the fact that they reached a peak in the online field. Well, there’s a little trick in this direction that can be very beneficial for you. It is called the power of association. Letting other brands depend on you and depending on other brands as well might enhance the main organic search presence in ways you did not even imagine. The creation of links that point back to you are the key to brand awareness, so make sure you remain open to proposals and opportunities.

Don’t forget that being a brand will never be possible without professionalism. Clients won’t ever believe in a product’s high integrity unless you give them reasons to. This is why branding and research are so important. Seeing how other companies treat their customers and trying to learn from their mistakes might end up being the absolute best lesson you ever got. Keep everything related to your brand synonymous. Keep in mind that balance that makes people feel like they are safe, that they are in the right place. Follow this piece of advice and you will never be disadvantaged.