Most Original Valentines Day Gift Ideas

When Valentines day approaches, people start to invade the stores in their quest for the perfect gift to give to their loved one, and while a box of chocolates and some flowers are guaranteed to make your lover smile, they are gifts that have been used for such a long time that they lost their charm. Instead of going with these obvious and predictable gifts, you should be more creative and give something original to your significant other. If you are looking for a gift with which you can definitely surprise your lover, you should read the following lines to find out which are the most original Valentine’s day gift ideas.

Two person hammock

For under $100 you can give your significant other a gift that you can both enjoy wherever you go, more exactly you can choose a two person portable hammock as a gift.
This awesome portable hammock has enough space to fit the both of you in it, and when you go camping, or even when you are in the backyard of your house if you have two trees to use as support, you can enjoy romantic moments in it, holding each other tightly while admiring the beauty of the outdoors.
After all, the best kind of gift to give on Valentine’s day is one that you can enjoy together and that is able to offer great memories to the both of you, and few things compare to sitting together, kissing and hugging each other in this kind of hammock.

Smitten gloves

We all like to display our love in public, but when Valentine’s day comes it’s pretty chilly outside, making the smitten gloves the perfect gift to go with. Instead of buying sweet nothings like flowers and chocolates, surprise your significant other with a pair of smitten gloves, being able to hold hands even when the weather is bad thanks to them. This ingenious gift will definitely make your lover giggle, and the best part is that you will get to enjoy them together, bringing you even closer to each other.

Get lucky dice

On Valentine’s day you will most probably want to enjoy each other’s company in an intimate environment, and a romantic dinner followed by a fun game with some interesting and unusual dice is the perfect ending to a great day. Buy dice that have different commands written on them and do what they say, and you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable and amazing night together. It’s an original gift that you can both enjoy, and your lover won’t mind the fact that you didn’t buy expensive jewelry or another predictable gift after playing with the dice with you.