Organizing a garage sale – is it a good idea?

Many people own things they no longer use, but they keep insisting on storing them away without any purpose at all. Organizing garage sales can be extremely profitable if you are choosing the right items to sell and attach the right price tags to them. Yet, there are downsides to organizing a garage sale as well. Many things you consider that you no longer need are actually quite precious and selling them for a small amount of money is not worth it. The same goes for tools that you’d probably need in the future and you will have to actually buy them when required. Organizing a garage sale can be fun, but you need to pay lots and lots of attention to the objects you are going to sell and the prices you are going to set for each. Here are some tips to help you organize such sale easily.

To keep or not to keep

Selecting the objects you will sell is the most difficult part of the whole garage sale. Start by looking for storage units London that are near you, so you’ll have the space to store away things that you are not one hundred percent sure you want to sell at the moment, but you can’t find a purpose for them in your garage right now either. Storage units are a great variant for people who want to know their items are stored safely in a specially purposed space, while their storage room at home remains intact. After you’ve properly decluttered your garage and decided what to keep and what to sell, start by setting up the garage sale by placing tables right in front of it. The tables are going to be used for exposing the objects you’ll sell. Bring a calculator and some price tags as well.


Start by setting up a goal. How much money would you like to make by selling your own stuff? After you’ve done that, think of the wholesale from the point of view of a buyer and set up price tags as if you were looking to buy them. If you find the price outrages or too cheap, change it accordingly. Correctly pricing your items is paramount, since you probably spent a small fortune on purchasing all the things you are now selling. Depending on their quality, on their level of usage and so on, you’ll have to come up with a fair price that people will find reasonable.


The last step includes promoting your garage sale. If you don’t make a fuss about it and if you don’t let people know you’ll have a garage sale, no one will show up and all the effort will be in vain. Use social media to announce your big sale, since social media websites have the biggest impact on people and you can reach a lot of potential clients. Don’t forget about putting a poster in front of your yard, specifying the date and hour of your upcoming garage sale.