Outsourced credit control services – How do they benefit freelancers?


Being a freelancer is oftentimes more difficult than people usually anticipate. Freelancers must manage their time and resources alone, being frequently deprived of auxiliary departments that usually help a business to grow and develop. This puts more pressure on a freelancer than on a small business owner, let’s say. And unfortunately, freelancers seem to experience unpaid debts more accentuated than other business owners, because finding the necessary time for calls and tracking down bad debtors is more difficult. Fortunately, there is the option of hiring companies specialised in outsourced credit control in London. However, let’s see in the following paragraphs how these services might help freelancers become more productive and profitable.

1. Save enormous amounts of time

Being a freelancer may come with the benefit of being able to create their own schedule and pick and choose the projects on which they are willing to work on, on their own. But it also comes with the big disadvantage of needing to manage the least pleasant part on your own. For instance, chasing bad debtors is a time-consuming task, that requires plenty of research and time spent sending e-mails or calling various numbers. Not to mention the fact that it becomes frustrating after a time, when you realise that debtors are changing their contact details for the sole purpose of avoiding you. When you collaborate with an outsourced credit control company, you can be sure that the company has full access to various data bases from where they get accurate contact details, which will make the entire process of recovering your money a more pleasant and short one.

2. Save plenty of money

As a freelancer, you certainly know that time is money. And in your particular case, when chasing bad payers on your own, you are spending one of your most valuable resources in an inefficient fashion. But when hiring this kind of companies, like Racing Credit Control, you avoid spending your resources inefficiently, and you avoid losing money. This will help you to become more productive and profitable freelancer. Another great advantage when it comes to these companies is that their clients don’t pay any fees if the process is an unsuccessful one.

3. Maintain a great relationship with your collaborators

Truth be told, all businesses struggle to survive on the market.  But this doesn’t mean that you have to spoil otherwise good business relationships because of money. Of course, it is ideal to have all your fees and invoices paid on time, but when you proceed to chase bad debtors yourself, you will leave a highly unprofessional image behind. And since you cannot afford to create a specialised department in your enterprise, because well, you are a freelancer, the best option that you have is outsourcing these tasks and let professionals handle the situation with delicacy and a neutral attitude. This will allow you not to burn bridges in uncertain situations and to collaborate in the future with those particular clients.

These are three of the best advantages of outsourcing this department as a freelancer. Make sure to investigate your options well and see which one of the existing companies on the market fit your requirements the best. Some companies deliver better results than others do, and it would be advisable to ask for advice from your fellow freelancers. It is best to hire the company which has the best referrals.