Planning the perfect outdoor party – tips and tricks


If you are throwing a big outdoor party in the near future, you probably desire for everything to turn out perfect, and that means taking care of very single detail that can influence the success of this event. Because garden parties require a bit more attention to organizational matters, learning some tips and tricks on the subject will probably come in handy. Although there is no exact way of planning a perfect outdoorsy event, there are a few things you can do in order to ensure your guests will have a great time, and your party planning skills will be appreciated. So, if the topic has grabbed your attention, and you wish to learn some tips, just keep reading:

Play it safe – hire BBQ catering services

Food is one of the most essential considerations of a party, and because this is being held outdoors, you probably want to go with the traditional, and highly appreciated barbeque. However, handling barbequing by yourself, or putting some of your friends in charge of this task might lead to unpleasant inconveniences – some people might not like the way the barbeque turns out, burning the steaks can easily happen, and those in charge of the BBQ might not enjoy the party to the fullest. Instead of worrying about food, just play it safe and hire experienced BBQ chefs who can meet your catering needs. Juts by searching online for BBQ catering services, you will come across some amazing offers. You can read a few reviews about team of caterers before hiring them, to make sure their cooking style suits your personal needs and expectations. By serving tasty food, you will be already winning over most of the guests’ appreciation.

Entertainment matters

Because this is a party after all, entertainment will be just as important as food. If there will be a lot of people at the event, the chances are that not everybody will know each other, so creating the right party vibe will be necessary, if you want every guest to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves. Music is the best way to get a party started. A band will be the best option to go with, but if your budget does not allow you to hire a good band, go with a DJ instead. Even if you might think you can put yourself in charge of music, it will be more complicated than you would expect. A DJ has the experience necessary to know what tracks will get people to stand out of their chairs and start dancing, so try to save up on other things, and spend money on hiring a DJ instead, you will not regret making this choice. If you want to take the entertainment to the next level, and your party has a certain theme, you can even organize certain activities and games that you know everybody will love.

Be prepared for weather changes

Even if it’s the middle of summer, you can never predict when the weather might change, and an unexpected rain might start. Although summer rains usually do not last that long, you still need to be prepared for any surprises. Rent some large umbrellas that you can place near the tables, or even a tent – and you will have a solution in the eventuality of rain. Also, placing umbrellas around the yard will be a great way to create some shade to protect your guests from extreme sunlight.  Don’t underestimate mother nature, because it might ruin your entire party, so think about this aspect with enough attention, and take the necessary means of precaution.


Although you probably want all your guests to mingle, dance, have fun, so basically, not to sit down, you still need to handle seating requirements with attention. It can be quire embarrassing to see there aren’t enough seats for everybody, and some are forced to eat standing up. Check your guest list with attention, hire enough chairs for everybody, and get a few more extra, just in case – because at these sort of gatherings, there is always the chance of uninvited people showing up. Also, make sure to arrange the seats and tables in a ways that still leave enough open space for people to dance, and mingle.

Stylish yet minimalist décor

Decorating the area is certainly necessary, especially if the event is more than just a garden gathering between close friends. Although you should set a chic and stylish décor for the party, do not exaggerate with unnecessary decorative elements. Doing too much in terms of décor can affect the practicality and convenience of the event, and it will also affect your party planning budget, because let’s face it, decorations aren’t cheap. A few flowers, some candles, and some overhead lights will be all you need to create that perfect, outdoorsy décor that everyone will like. You can look online for ideas, you will find all the inspiration you need.

Keep insects away

Nasty bugs and insects can ruin a perfectly good party, and this is probably something you would want to avoid. You can keep these unwanted “guests” away by placing some floating insect repellant candles around the yard. These items will not only protect the guests from insect bites, but they will also create a chic décor for the party. Make sure to not forget about this aspect, and do not let anything prevent you from having fun.

As you can see, there are a few things you can do in order for your garden party to be as spectacular and entertaining as you have pictured it to be. The few tips mentioned will help you make the most out of this event, and provide you guests with great food, great music and a great atmosphere. There are not many secrets when it comes to successful outdoor parties, just a few organization considerations that need to be thought through in advance, so as long as you handle these several aspects, your party will certainly be big hit.