Promoting your company at the job fair in the most efficient way

You want your company to have the best and brightest employees that are out there in the labor market, but you first have to find them and attract them to you. There is no other better option than to be present at the job fair to meet the job seekers face to face and prove to them why your company is a better choice than the competition. Recruiting the perfect and most talented employee to work for your company at the job fair means a lot of work and advertise to do. You need to get people coming and after that, you can convince them why your company is the best choice for them to work at. Here are some suggestions you might want to consider at the next job fair to have the most visited and crowded booth.

Social media for advertise

In the times of Social Media and the Internet, posting online is the fastest way to let people know that you are going to be present at the next job fair and where exactly they can find you to meet you and discuss more information about the available positions you have to offer.  Post an advertise on your company’s website and try to find groups on social media where job opportunities are posted because there is where job seekers are looking. Also, do not forget about the old fashion way of promoting and print and spread brochures and flyers to make sure that everyone will see your message and come to visit your booth.   

Be presentable

First impressions matter! The job seekers will do their best to dress up and be presentable for a good first impression when they come to meet you. Make sure you do the same. The ambassador that will represent your company is going to have to talk all day long, about what you have to offer, with the interested persons. In order to be well represented, you should make sure that he or her will be seen as a serious and reliable person.  Clean formal clothes give the impression of professionalism, and that is exactly what job seekers are looking for in a company they are going to work in.

Merchandise gifts

Job seekers will have to remember a lot of information after the fair is over. They will go around from a booth to another and they will keep hearing more and more new things they have to memorize. Your display stands with all the details are not enough.  That is why you need to make sure that you are the one they keep in mind at the end of the day. Merchandise gifts are the best way to stay in the job seekers’ mind. Giveaway stuffs such as t-shirts, pens, calendars, bags that contain your company’s logo and name so that when they get home they will remember you are the one that gave it to them.

Eye-catching booth

If you want job seekers to come straight to your booth the moment they walk in, you need to have a notable one that outstands from the others. Have big poster boards with a creative message that will catch theirs attention instantly, if possible, have a screen with a video running in the background, brochures to give people that want to consider your company but don’t have enough time to talk to your ambassador. Try to use bright colors for your booth to make it more noticeable, but in a fashionable and elegant way. Make sure your booth has displayed the most crucial information that you want people to see, other than the logo and the company name, show all the details that you think job seekers would want to know in order to take your offer into consideration.

Have printed job applications form

It is very important to show the job seekers that you are well-prepared and really interested to hire them. They need to feel that you are giving them all they need to get a job as soon as possible. So, in order for them to see that you are not there just for the talking, have printed job forms for them to fill in if they are interested in any of the available positions that you offer. If possible, you can as well have some computers for them to complete the forms faster.

Well-prepared ambassadors

The image is not everything when it comes to serious things such as getting a new job. So, the ambassadors that you are sending at the fair to represent you should not only have presentable looks but they should also have all the skills needed. They need to know all the details about the organization, available positions, recruitment process etc., in order to be able to answer any question coming from the job seekers.  Make your booth an approachable one with talkative and positive ambassadors, with a big smile on their faces that treat them nicely without any superior attitude.

Have a CV box

Job seekers know the reason they are coming to the fair very well, that is why they are going to be ready to show you they are the one you are looking for as well. Most of them will have their CVs with them to be ready to apply immediately for the available position they are interested in. Make sure you give them the chance to do it, set up an empty box on your booth where they can leave the CVs. It is a win-win situation, you both get the opportunity to achieve the reason why you are there.

 Set up a quiet spot

Some of the applicants you have attracted today might want some personal feedback or advice regarding their CVs or real chances to meet the criteria that the job they have applied for requires. Have a place where they can discuss with an HR employee and this will make them feel important for you and will as well make them tell the others how helpful and approachable you are. This way you will surely gain more visitors at your booth, more applicants and more potentials employees.