Three Ways to Save Money on Your Next Kitchen Makeover

Save on Appliances

Whether it’s discounted refrigerators or marked down gas ranges, there are plenty of options to help you cut costs on the most expensive pieces in your kitchen. Don’t overlook scratch and dent appliances before giving them a chance. Many times, the cosmetic flaws are small enough to go unnoticed or may be located on a side of the appliance that won’t be visible once it’s installed. If you want to buy new, many retailers and suppliers offer deep discounts and rebates when purchasing multiple products or buying at a certain time of year. Do your research to find out if waiting a few weeks could save you some serious cash.

Lay Tile and Hardwood Yourself

If your kitchen needs updating, chances are you really want to complete the look with new tile or hardwood floors and a fresh backsplash. But this doesn’t have to break your budget. You could save close to 50% if you learn how to install it yourself. First, check a reputable website or your local library or bookstore for information on products, installation and techniques. This will help you determine if you need to use a certain product in your home. Next, search for bulk retailers who sell the materials at a lower rate. It may require a special trip, but could be worth the discount. Finally, watch plenty of videos to make sure you’re well prepared for this endeavor. Enlist the help of a detail-oriented friend or relative to help you tackle the job.

Refinish Instead of Replacing

Cabinets are another costly item to replace in your kitchen. You can save thousands of dollars by simply refinishing or painting them. While it is a time-consuming job, it is a straightforward task with rewarding results. You’ll need ample outdoor or garage space to take on this project, as you’ll have to lay all of the doors and drawer fronts flat to paint or stain them. Be sure to give every surface a thorough cleaning; there’s usually a lot of greasy buildup from hours of cooking. You’ll also want to ensure that you patch any holes or dents before you start painting. There are many options when it comes to choosing a new color or surface for your cabinets. Make sure you choose a product that’s suitable for such a project. Look for paints, stains or cabinet coating kits that are made to stand up to the demands of heat, moisture and regular cleaning.