Shipping your car to your new house – a complete guide

Your car means a lot to you, it is one of your most beloved belongings, and if you purchase a new house overseas, and you want to move there permanently, you simply do not want to consider the option of selling it. Only the thought of selling it daunts you, because it is a symbol of love for you. Have you considered moving it to your new home? Do not know where to start? Should you drive it or should you hire a company to transport it? Both options sound fine, but if you do not feel comfortable to drive it on roads you do not know, then the second solution is the best. Shipping a car can be a complex process, and before doing it, you should navigate the steps you will have to follow.  There are required permits, paperwork, you have to check rules and regulations, and you have to choose a transportation company. Let’s get it started!

Check the condition of the vehicle

Before deciding what company will transport your car abroad, you should inspect it. Take pictures of the car.  It is advisable to check the condition of the vehicle, and take any servicing required before delivering it to the new house. It will take some time until you will find a new car service that suits your requirements, so it is better to have it in perfect shape at the new house. Also, you should wash it before taking it to the shipping company. If you clean the car you will easily spot if there are damages brought to it during transportation. You should expect the shipping company to inspect and take photos of the car before transporting it.

Check the costs of the shipping

According to the requirements, you have when it comes to the condition of shipping, the cost of transportation will vary. You will have to decide if you want to find the most affordable rate or if you want your car to be transported fast. Determine what your priority is, in order to filter the offers. The majority of car owners do not check how long it takes a car to be delivered to the new address. In case you need to use it from the first day when you move into your new house, then you should ask the provider what options they offer.

When it comes to the methods available, here is a list:

  • You can opt for a shipping container. This means that as soon as you pay the bill, the car will be loaded and the next vessel will take it to its destination. This solution is the most expensive one, but the advantage is that your car arrives at your address ASAP.
  • A ROROR vessel can be used to transport your car. The car will be placed in the hull of a vessel. In the majority of cases the vessel does not take it to the final destination, so there are great chances for the transport to take longer.
  • Another option is vehicle shipping. This means that the company will transport it together with other cars. This method offers increased protection and it comes at affordable fees.

Choose the shipping company

The most difficult part of the process is to find a shipping company you can trust. You should gather information about the shipping companies that offer car transportation overseas. When selecting the shipping company you have to check the safety level they offer. There are companies that offer door-to-door move, and this means that they will come to take the vehicle from your present house and they will deliver it to your new address. According to the services you will require, they can offer you the forklift and ramp, or you will have to be responsible for getting them.

Check the paperwork

When you move a car from a country to another one, you have to check the paperwork required. Different companies require different paperwork, and it is important for you to deliver it to them in the established frame time, if you want the shipping to be successful. The majority of companies have the same requirements when it comes to paperwork: they need the original title, a copy of the bill of sale, and a copy of your passport. But it is advisable to ask them for more details before booking their services. Some destinations may require additional documentation, and the shipping company will offer you all the extra information.

Do not forget to ask the company to offer you the contact details of the person who is responsible for transporting your car, because they can assist you during the process.