Skin problems men face and how to prevent them

Your skin works as a protective shell for your body, and considering the external factors it daily faces, it puts up with a lot. It faces constant assault because harmful elements like sunlight, UV rays, cuts, scrapes, infections, and chemicals affect its condition daily. Each gym session fills it with sweat and every stress episode sends the epidermis into overdrive. So, do you wonder how does it resist? Well, sometimes it does, sometimes you cannot see the effects these factors have, and sometimes it reacts. 

It’s not impossible to have flawless skin as a man, but you must work for it. This guide teaches you how to treat some common skin problems and how to prevent them from popping.


The biggest surprise men have is when pimples pop even after their voice finishes changing. Many have the misimpression that pimples stop when they reach adulthood because there are no hormones to rage in their body. But not only hormones cause acne, other factors like the use of steroids, heavy sweating, stress, and humidity also do it. To stop acne from appearing you must beat the above triggers. 

And even if you follow a strict diet and personal hygiene program, pimples can still flare-up from time to time. Sometimes washing your face excessively can cause acne. 

When acne damages your self-confidence and no treatment seems to work consult a physician to check your health state and recommend a treatment. Acne is similar to any other medical condition, and you can treat it with proper medication. A doctor can do more than prescribing medication, they can help you identify the trigger that leads to occasional flare-ups. 

Razor burn

Razor burns cause many hours of discomfort and red skin. Sometimes it’s more serious and its symptoms are similar to an irritating rash with infected blisters that last more than one day. At first, you thought your shaving technique causes razor burns, but because now you master it and you tried many devices, you know this condition arises no matter how much pressure you apply on the skin. 

To prevent razor burn, use mens facial products to clean your face before shaving, use new blades for every shave or clean the blades if you use an electric device, apply a shave gel or lubricant, and exert deliberate strokes. 

If you already experience razor burns, an aloe cream or a hydrating after-shave can help you calm the skin and reduce redness. Use daily hydrating creams and serums to keep your skin moisturised and healthy. 


Sunburn appears immediately after you leave the beach. Sometimes your skin experiences sunburns even if you don’t take sunbaths. It’s enough to expose your skin to UV radiation for a long time to have red and burning skin. If you are the guy who turns lobster red the moment you leave your house during summer, you may have low melanin in your skin. 

For the average fair-skin man it’s normal to have blisters and burning skins the moment, he steps outdoors during a sunny day, no matter the season.

Wearing a hat, sunglasses and applying sunscreen even during winter can help. But if your skin already burns as a result of sun exposure, you can fix it with a product rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E works wonders for all skin traumas because it boosts healing. To have better results take vitamin E supplements daily. You can also rub vitamin E capsules directly on the affected skin to speed up healing and treat burning symptoms. 


You are tired everyone to think you knocked-out too many drinks because your face skin is red all day long. Even if for some people this is the case, you probably suffer from a skin disorder called rosacea. It’s not a life-threatening condition, but it’s inflammatory and it disrupts your appearance.  In time it can ruin your self-esteem especially if you don’t treat it because it gets worse. 

The best treatment for this condition includes prescription medicine and advanced self-care. Only because an over-the-counter drug worked for one of your friends, it doesn’t mean it will also help you. Everyone is unique and the factors that triggered your friend’s condition are probably different from the ones that cause yours. 

Sunscreen and alcohol-free products can help you prevent rosacea. 

Dark under-eye circles

You prolong gym session until late at night to get that perfect ab before the summer hits, but your under-eyes skin won’t forgive you because you miss sleep hours. A poor diet and lack of sleep can make under-eye circles darker and damage your appearance. 

You cannot suddenly change your schedule, but you can diminish dark under-eye circles by eating more vegetables and fruits, drinking more water, and sleeping more. Yoga can also help your body relax and reduce skin stress. If you want to improve them overnight, ask your girlfriend or wife some face masks or use some slicer of cool cucumber. Place them over your tired lids and you’ll notice the effect instantly. 


Wrinkles look lovely on your grandmother’s face but when you notice them in your early 30s, you’re worried they affect your appearance. When skin loses elasticity and gets thinner and drier, wrinkles appear

You cannot turn back the hands of time but you can prevent their effects. Stop smoking, drink less, and use sunscreen to protect skin from UV rays. You may have smoked for years but if you don’t ban cigarettes fast, the effects they have on your skin can be irreversible. When the first wrinkles appear, you know it’s the time to apply moisturiser daily. You may think moisturising creams are only for women, but if you want to maintain your skin cells healthy and your look charming, you should consider adding them to your daily routine. 

Men in their 30s must adopt a complete skin care routine because once a wrinkle appears on their face, no cream or serum can even completely remove it. Plastic surgery is an option, but are you willing to face the side-effects?