The top components of a luxury home


Once you decide to build a luxury home from scratch or buy one from the range available on your local real estate market, it’s important to know what exactly classifies as “luxury” and what areas you should invest in to enjoy maximum comfort and increase resale value. Broadly speaking, a luxury home is much more expensive than a regular one, but it’s important to mention that the budget alone does not make a property luxurious. What matters is how you distribute this budget among the many features a home should have. Although the idea of luxury can sometimes be subjective, these are top features that top notch properties usually have in common.

Ideal location

The first thing that defines a luxury house is the location and one can expect houses in the finest neighborhoods to be quite expensive. When it comes to luxury locations, there are two main trends. On the one hand, there are the houses in central areas, located near the most popular nigh clubs and landmarks. On the other hand, there are the houses in upscale residential neighborhoods at the suburbs, considered to be safe, convenient and ideal for families. According to real estate experts, location remains the most important factor when investing in real estate and the main feature influencing the property’s market value. 

Fully furbished, decorated rooms

Location is essential, but the simple fact that a house is located in a good neighborhood does not make it luxurious. In order to qualify, it has to be fully furbished and stand out through a certain interior décor. When we’re talking about luxurious homes, white, empty rooms are out of the question. The most stunning properties coveted by affluent investors and buyers are decorated in interesting styles that give them personality, such as vintage, art-deco, shabby chic or contemporary. These styles should be seen not only in the actual structure of the house, but also in the choice of furniture, flooring and tiles.

Luxury bathrooms

They say that if you want to check if a restaurant is really as glamorous as it says, you should check the bathroom. The same principle applies for houses. The owner of a luxury home will never make compromises or forget to add a touch of sophistication in the bathroom. Both the master and guest bathroom should be decorated with attention to details in mind, using top quality tiles. Moreover, the shower, bath and rest of the installations should be effective and have unique, indulgent designs, such as extra large bath tubs, vintage light fixtures, high tech shower cabins and novelty decorations.

Energy efficiency

There is more to luxury properties than aesthetics. The way the house functions and how much energy it uses are equally important and now, in a time when investors and buyers are becoming more and more interested in green technologies, residential energy efficiency is all the more important. If you want your property to be luxurious, you have to insulate your home to reduce emissions and ensure thermal comfort. Another idea is to invest in all available energy saving solutions, such as solar panels. The homes of the future rely less on conventional sources of energy and use renewable sources as much as possible. Needless to say, eco windows and lighting solutions are a must.

Top of the line appliances

Top notch appliances are another thing that luxury homes have in common. From smart refrigerators to state of the art AC units, everything should be there. The concept of smart home is also starting to emerge. It involves the use of predominantly smart devices and the focus on IoT technology. In a smart home, appliances and devices such as the TV, fridge, air conditioning are interconnected.  These are just some objects that can be successfully incorporated into what counts today as a “smart home”:

  • Smart speakers such as Amazon Echo or the recently launched Apple HomePod
  • Energy saving smart light bulbs
  • High end security systems
  • Smart thermostats
  • State of the art smoke and flood sensors
  • Robot vacuums
  • Automated window shades

Gourmet kitchen

Last, but not least, the features of the kitchen can greatly raise the value of a house. More specifically, the gourmet kitchen is something that more and more sophisticated buyers would like to have. Not only is such as room very spacious, but it also has features and appliances such as a smart fridge, a bar, breakfast nook and dedicated oven space. A modern cooker, microwave oven and plenty of well-designed cabinets are also essential to offer a luxury feel.