Things to do before moving into a new house


If you have recently purchased a new property and are planning to move in soon, you should be aware of the fact that there are some things you will need to handle before you actually start living in your new home. Making sure that your new house provides you with a safe and comfortable environment is a must, and to be able to achieve that, you will have to take a few important steps. The following information will help you understand exactly what needs to be done before your relocation, so if the topic has caught your interest, just keep reading:

Mold testing

One problem the majority of homeowners fear most is mold growth. Although in the majority of situations, an issue of this kind can be noticed, having visible signs, there are cases in which mould can grow behind the wall structure, leaving no visible indicators. If you research the topic with care, if you did not know by now, you will find out about the numerous health risks mold can trigger. From skin irritations, headaches and nausea, to more serious conditions, such as asthma attacks. Mold can also cause issues to the structure of the property, leading to costly repair needs. To prevent moving into a house that deal with this problem, it is best advised to opt for mold testing Toronto in advance. A team of professionals will use the right equipment and techniques to find out if there are any mould growth concerns in the building, or if your home environment benefits from healthy air. If the contractors do conclude that you are dealing with a mold infestation, you can quickly remediate the problem and hire their mold removal services as well. In just a few days, your new home will be mold-free and ready for you to move in. However, in order for the testing or removal to be as effective as you desire, you will need to hire the services of the right company, and that means doing a bit of research in advance. Find out about the contractors’ experience in the industry, about their reputation, and perhaps even read a few client references or testimonials, just to make sure you are getting the best service quality possible.

Changing the locks

Because you may not know all the people who have lived in the house you bought, or those who might have a spare key, it is also ways advised to change the exterior locks of the property. This is extremely relevant for safety reasons, and it is a way of finally making that house yours. Just contact a locksmith with a few days before moving and handle this task.  

Repainting the walls

Even if you might not have the budget necessary to handle an entire remodeling and renovation project, you can certainly afford investing in a paint job. This single task can improve the appearance of the interior considerably, and it does not require such a large financial investment from your part. If you have noticed any cracks, defects or holes, it is recommended to hire professional for the repainting job, because it can become quite a time consuming task, or you can simply require the help and assistance of some of your friends and family members. With a bit of extra help, you can repaint your entire home in just a day or two.

Cleaning and servicing the mechanical system

To avoid facing the unpleasantness of having your heating or cooling system not work properly, it is best to service and clean the mechanical system prior to your relocation. You probably do not want to find out the heather does not function or has broken down in the middle of harshly cold winter day. Get yourself a technician who can inspect the system with care and do any repairs if they are necessary. The same goes for the plumbing system. I Even if it might seem in order at first glance, you can never know when a serious issue or malfunction might be hidden. Take all means of precaution, and do not skip these steps.

Professional cleaning

Cleaning the entire house to make sure very single corner is perfectly sanitized is recommend. Even if the house might seem clean enough at first glance, and you think you just need to refresh the area  bit, you can never known in what manner the premises have been cleaned. To prevent yourself from moving into a house that is filled with germs and bacteria, just hire a team of professional cleaners, and leave this task in their hands. This way, you can feel safe knowing that you will have a perfectly sanitized home environment waiting for. You can easily find a professional cleaning companies at an affordable price, just by searching on the internet, so try handling this task in advance,

Renew your insurance

As soon as you have moved out of your old home, your insurance policy will no longer be viable, so this means if something happens to some of your belongings during your removal process, or when you are accommodating yourself into your new property, the financial loses will not be covered. To have peace of mind, and to be certain that you are financially protected in case of any potential incident, contact your insurance provider, let them know about the relocation, and renew your policy to suit the needs of your new living situation.

As you can see, there are a few relevant things that need to be done before you actually move in into your new home. Because you probably desire to benefit from a comfortable and safe living situation, the tasks mentioned above can help you achieve that goal. From doing a mould inspection to make sure there are not health hazards you must worry about, to changing the locks of the exterior doors, these are the most important steps you will need to take before actually moving in. Try to not overlook none of these aspects, because they might save you from potential inconveniences.