Things to know about levitating speakers

If you spend enough time on the internet, it is impossible not to have heard about the popular levitating speakers. When it comes to gadgets, this is the item that all buyers are talking about. Floating speakers have become instantly popular as soon as they have reached the market, and that is thanks to their unconventional, unique design. Having that futuristic vibe, levitating speakers have won gadget enthusiasts and audiophiles over as soon as they have been put out for sale. If you have been thinking about purchasing a levitating speaker, then you must be wondering if it is really worth the investment. Well, here are a few things you should know about these devices:

You can use it anywhere

One thing that you should know about floating speakers is that they can be used anywhere. Because they are portable gadgets, the levitating orb can function as a stand alone device, allowing you to carry it around with ease. With this type of speaker at your disposal, you can listen to your favorite tunes on your patio, at the office, on a road trip, basically everywhere you want. Their portability is certainly something that make these gadgets even more appealing to buyers.  

Is the audio quality satisfying?

The design might be cool and futuristic, but you are probably looking for the audio quality to be also one that suits your desires. What is the point of investing in an audio system, if the sound delivered is one of poor quality? Well, due to the circular design of the floating orb, the sound quality is more than satisfying, and you will most certainly enjoy the 3D surround effect created. Combining both a spectacular design and good audio quality, a levitating speaker has it all. 

Conducting phone conversations

Besides blasting your favorite songs, a floating speaker can also be sued to conduct phone conversations. The device comes with a microphone incorporated, allowing users to receive and make phone calls, a detail that makes the speaker even greater.


You would probably expect for such an innovative speaker to be more expensive than you could afford. Well, in reality, the price is not as steep as you imagine. Of course, this detail can vary depending on the manufacturer and on the model you select, but you can find numerous great offers, so you might be able to pay for such a speaker even only 70 or 80 dollars. For a Bluetooth speaker, this is an affordable price to pay.

Aside from their unique and truly revolutionary design, floating speakers actually provide a pretty good audio quality and a 3D sound effect. If you were interested in buying a Bluetooth speaker, then definitely go with a levitating one, and you will not regret the investment. However, make sure to inform yourself about the various brands and models found on the market, if you do decide to purchase this item, read some reviews on informative websites, and find out more about the battery life, features and performance of a particular model before making any purchases.