Tips for Making the Most Of Your Radar Detector

Radar detectors are very useful devices that can help us avoid being fined for speeding. The correct way to avoid this sort of situation is to drive regulatory, but when you happen to exceed the speed limit, the finest radar detectors can be extremely helpful. Make yourself comfortable, and have a look at the following tips for making the most of your radar detector.

What is a radar detector?

Before you actually make the most of your radar detector, you must know exactly what sort of device is this. Radar detectors are electronic units that help you find out if your speed is monitored by police using a radar gun. They are actually used by drivers, to know exactly if they should reduce the speed before being ticketed by police, for speeding. These devices are not legal in all countries, and therefore, you must know exactly where you are going to use it, in order to not break the law. Radar detectors come in a large range of models, and anyone who is interested in buying one should carefully choose a model that will meet his needs and expectations.

You must mount the unit properly

It is recommended that you mount your radar in the center of the windshield. There are some people who say that if the unit is mounted like that, it won’t be able to receive laser alerts anymore, and it can cause a visual obstruction while people drive. However, this is not true, as you will find in the product’s manual that the correct way to mount it is in the center of the windshield. You can either choose to mount it high or low.

Alerts and signals are important

Alerts and signal are extremely important, and you must understand them very good. When most of these units alert, they will display the signal strength and band. It is highly recommended that you know about these important aspects, in order to know exactly how your device works.

You should use ”City mode” when driving in a city

The finest radar detectors generally have this option, and you should activate it when you drive in a city. By doing so, the device will reduce its sensitivity, which is not actually needed in cities. Therefore, the number of false alerts will be reduced, and driving will be more relaxing, instead of stressful.

When driving on highways, ”highway mode” is mandatory

This option will increase the sensitivity of the unit, and this is exactly what you need when driving on highways. When this happens, the detector will detect any police radars, ahead of time. By doing so, you will have enough time to reduce the speed, and avoid being fined.