Top 5 Best 2016 Garment Steamers

The easiest and most efficient way in which you can get rid of all the wrinkles from your clothes is by using a garment steamer, and for the best results, you need the best garment steamer as well. In order to decide between the best rated steamers, we had to read a lot of customer and professional reviews. We found a lot of helpful information on, and finally we were able to narrow down our choices to the 5 best products. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect steamer for you, then you should definitely read our top 5 best 2016 garment steamers. By picking one of these amazing models you are guaranteed to have the best results.

5. Steamfast SF-540

We start our list with the Steamfast SF-540, a garment steamer that can be yours for only $120.
This garment steamer heats up in only 45 seconds, and due to its 78-ounce capacity water tank it provides you with 80 minutes of continuous steam, being the ideal choice for those who have a lot of laundry to deal with, it’s capable of removing both the wrinkles and the odors out of your clothes, curtains, linens, and upholstery, and it’s extremely gentle with delicate fabrics.

4. Rowenta IS6300

The IS6300 garment steamer from Rowenta comes at the price of $200, and you can be sure that this renowned and respected manufacturer brings only quality products.
The most important feature of the IS6300 is the Roll and Press feature that gives you more comfort when using the device because it allows you to handle the unit with a single hand, providing you with freedom of movement, and it comes with a vertical support which you can use as a flat surface to press the garment against.

3. J-4000M Jiffy

The J-4000M Jiffy is a little more expensive, the price tag on this clothes steamer being $350, but it’s worth the money spent on it.
It might heat up harder than other models, taking it almost 20 minutes to achieve a full steam, but this amazing garment steamer will provide you with 2 hours of continuous steam, making it one of the most powerful models designed for commercial purposes available, and being the ideal choice for those who have a lot of laundry to deal with.

2. Conair GS28

The GS28 model from Conair comes at the low price of $80, but don’t let the price tag fool you, because this cheap garment steamer can do everything that more expensive models do, maybe even better than most of them.
It takes only 45 seconds for this model to heat up and be ready for use, it offers 90 minutes of continuous steam due to its large capacity removable water tank, and in addition to de-wrinkling your clothes efficiently, this amazing garment steamer can remove odors from your clothes, and kill the bedbugs and dust mites that might lurk on them.

1. J-2000 Jiffy

The best garment steamer of 2016 is definitely the J-2000 Jiffy, that comes at the reasonable price of $220.
This amazing garment steamer comes with a generous 3 year warranty, it’s extremely durable due to its high-impact plastic outer housing, it takes only two minutes for it to heat up and be ready for use, and you can steam with it continuously for 1.5 hours due to its large capacity removable water tank.