Top smart devices you need in 2018


How smart is your life? How smart is your home? And more importantly, how much smart devices can help you live an easier and fulfilling life? The answer to all these depends strongly on your aspirations, lifestyle and beliefs. Many tend to cramp into their homes various devices and gadgets that they think that may make their lives easier, when in fact, some might complicate it. You must stick to simple gadgets, in order to make them work to your advantage while providing high levels of usefulness. Below is a list of some of the most amazing gadgets and devices that you must invest in this year.

#1. Fitbit wristbands are your best friend

Tired of being out of shape and feeling overall bad? Specialists think that when you are out of shape, your body is signaling you to take action. If one of your New Year’s resolution was a healthier lifestyle, then you should consider investing in a Fitbit wristband and take action. The American Health Association has established that in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle, each individual must take at least 10.000 steps daily. In an era in which everybody owns a personal vehicle or is using at a large scale public transportation, this goal becomes harder to achieve as time passes. However, when people become more aware of their daily dose of exercising, they are more likely to feel more motivated to achieve their goals. And this is where these small pieces of technology can help you. Fitbit wrist bands will give you a closer look at the amount of exercising that you perform on daily basis, and more than this: track your sleeping cycles. This way, you’ll become increasingly aware of the daily habits that may damage or boost a good night’s sleep. For instance, many have discovered that alcohol or a generous meal before their sleep is very likely to cause a poor night-time sleep, while some light exercising with 3-4 hours before their bedtime, caused them to sleep better. When life revolves around a job and sedentary indoor actions, it’s great to have a piece of technology tell you that you are behind your healthy daily exercising amount, isn’t it?! Search for such pieces at reputable online vendors, such as because the number of counterfeit products on the market is concerning.

#2. Belkin WeMo Switches will make your life easier

When you need a solution to use for various appliances around the home, these switches are the right choice for you. This particular one is a Wi-Fi connected electrical outlet that will allow you to remotely turn on various appliances via an Internet connection. And since you already have a smartphone, it would be a shame not to turn on the humidifier in our child’s room while you’re at work, with a simple tap. Although many tend to think that this type of devices is overrated, only think about the potential they have; your coffee maker, your ironing board, they can all be turned on or off with the help of such products. Constantly worrying that you might have left your hair straightener plugged in before leaving your home? Simply check this through your gadget and you can have your peace of mind.

#3. Automated garage door openers

From the same category of products like the switches above, these types of devices come into your help by offering you a close look at the status of your garage doors: are they closed or open? This is very helpful for those who travel a lot and worry about the safety of their properties while on the road. With a simple swipe, this gadget will let you know if something unusual happened to your garage doors. It also allows you to open and close your garage doors with the same simplicity, which surely contributes to an easier lifestyle.

#4. Kwikset Z-Wave Locks

Another great device for the forgetful ones out there, this type of door lock will allow you to control your entries with the help of your smartphone – and lock and unlock those as you prefer. This is a great device because we all happen to forget to close our doors from time to time, and more importantly, we all happen to lose our set of keys. Well, this smart product will help you get rid of such concerns in no time.

#5. The already-notorious Amazon Echo

We know, we don’t like the hype created around some products, but this is legitimately worth it! Now at the second generation of smart speakers, this little gem can save you a lot of headache. Children fighting over some facts they learned at school? Simply ask Alexa and let her decide which one of them is right. Want to update your online shopping list? Ask Alexa to do that for you. Not sure how the weather is going to be, well, Alexa will help you with that, too. This piece of technology is simply amazing for the families always on the run, and always searching for new entertainment means. Still not convinced?! Well, these speakers will play whatever song you want form your playlist. Some other amazing things that this product can do for you and your family is search the web depending on your requests. For instance, if you want to know how much flour goes into your special cheesecake, but your hands are dirty, the Amazon Echo speaker will help you with that as well. Pretty much, these intelligent speakers are a great addition to all modern homes. Usually, if you want to find out information, you will have to take the smartphone out of your pocket and check it for yourself. Now, no matter what you are doing, these smart speakers will assist you through the entire process.

These are five of the most popular smart devices you should consider investing in, in this fresh year. Technology can be such a resourceful aid to your daily life but pick your assistants well. Otherwise, you’ll end up throwing money out the window.