Tricks for Styling Different Types of Hair

Whether you have straight, wavy or naturally curly hair, you can find an amazing hairstyle that is suitable for you. We’ve gathered some tips and tricks on how to style your hair type so don’t be afraid to experiment by using different methods of styling your hair until you find one that suits you. Read this following article to learn some useful methods for styling your hair type.

Know your type of hair

Due to genetics, the hair’s follicle differs in size and thickness; that’s why there isn’t just one type of hair, but three. The three main types of hair are: fine, medium and thick. In addition to that, there are also three major hair structures: straight, wavy and curly. Determining what hair texture you have is relatively easy. All you have to is look in the mirror and analyze the texture of the hair. To determine the hair type take a simple hair elastic and wrap your hair in a ponytail. If you can wrap the hair band more than two-three times it is fine. If you can wrap the elastic only two-three times it is medium and if you can wrap it only once it is thick.

Blow-drying your hair

Knowing how to blow-dry your hair the right way can be a time saver because this way you don’t have to use other styling tools that take time to use and damage your hair in the meantime. If you have naturally straight hair, blow-drying your hair can be very easy, as long as you use a ceramic or tourmaline infused blow dryer to prevent frizz and make your hair look smooth and have a natural glow. Blow-drying wavy hair is also easy, as long as you want to maintain your natural waves, but if you want to style your hair a bit more, you can use a round brush with thick bristles to straighten your hair while blow-drying or adding more volume to your wavy hair. Curly hair takes the longest time to blow dry because it’s generally very thick. To keep it smooth and without frizz, use a ceramic blow dryer and avoid brushing it while blow drying it or after. It’s always best to brush your curly hair when it’s wet and after you applied some hair conditioner or serum,

Tips for curling or straightening your hair

Whether you want to achieve curly hair or straight and silky hair, you need to pay attention to some things. First, it’s important to choose a curling iron or a flat iron that has ceramic or tourmaline plates so that your hair doesn’t get damaged. You also need to make sure that your flat iron or curling iron has adjustable heat settings so that you are able to find the right temperature for your hair type. For flat irons, we advise you to compare several models by reading some reviews.

Last but not least, if you have a tendency to use your flat iron every day, consider using some hair products to get your hair ready for the straightening process. Another good tip would be to avoid using your flat iron when you’re hair is wet because no matter how good the flat iron is you can damage the hair cuticle and take away its shine.