Turning around your struggling salon business

The beauty industry offers entrepreneurs a wide range of opportunities, and one idea of profitable business with high odds of success is a salon. Despite the appealing perspectives of owning such a business, there are a few challenges that come along as well. If your salon might currently be struggling, here’s how you can turn things around:

Think about salon aesthetics

Let’s face it, as great as the services of a hair salon might me, if the place lacks appeal in the aesthetics department, managing to catch the eye of passerby’s will not be an easy task. If you haven’t paid much attention to the design of your salon, perhaps now it’s time to do it. An exterior that can be characterized as chic and stylish, an interior that excels in terms of comfort, functionality and décor will benefit from higher odds of success. Nowadays you have access to so many inspirations resources that it will be extremely easy for you to remodel and redecorate the place in a beautiful way. From Pinterest to all sorts of interior decor blogs, start looking on the internet for ways to improve the aesthetics of your salon in a fast and budget-friendly manner. You will rapidly conclude how much this can actually matter.

Increasing productivity – resort to a hair salon app


Sometimes, you might not be able to focus on important details such as marketing your services, of improving the aesthetics of the premises, because you are overwhelmed with other responsibilities. Productivity issues are mainly triggered due to in-house disorganization. Appointment booking and inventory tracking Aare probably the two tasks that take most of your time on a daily basis, and also cause you the most inconveniences. Well, instead of dealing with these salon responsibilities the traditional, classic way, why not adopt a more modern alternative and consider using a mobile application? With the technological advancement of nowadays, you can resort to salon booking systems, which enable you to schedule appointments digitally and finally throw away that heavy, unpractical appointment notebook you needed to carry around with you until now. A software tool of this kind will also give you the chance to keep track of your inventory more easily, and thus make sure you never run out of essential products. You can also use the application to send reminders to clients (you have probably faced on many occasions the problem of having clients miss their appointment). Just download a system of this kind and see for yourself how better things will run.

Market, promote, advertise!

Regardless of business profile, marketing plays an essential role for achieving a higher level of success. Considering you might compete with a wide range of salons, which might have been in business longer than yours, it’s important to resort to the right advertising strategies. Nowadays, the most effective and reliable option you have, as well as advantageous from a financial point of view is social media. With the right social media marketing tricks, you will be able to even double your number of clients in the shortest amount of time. Create accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and focus on sharing relatable, interesting posts on a daily basis. With sharable content, it’s impossible not to draw the interest of users, and even determine them to start promoting your posts to their friends. Engage with your followers, and use all channels to your advantage. Even if it might take some of your time, valuing this type of marketing strategy can bring you more positive outcomes than you would normally expect. Other possibilities in the advertising departed would be banners and pop up stands placed in strategically chosen location around town, flyer distribution or even direct mail advertising. Discuss with a marketing specialist and see what they recommend. An initial investment in this department will certainly bring you great returns, so be willing to spend a bit of money.

Run promotions

Whether it’s a “bring a friend” program a two plus one service deal, running promotions will attract more people to your business. It may seem like you are losing money but considering more people will be drawn to your salon, in the long run, providing appealing promotions will be financially wise. Clients will be pleased to see that you are giving them the possibility to save some cash, or win a free appointment, and will recommend the place to their acquaintances. Rewarding loyal clients is also something that you should take into account if you want to value customer revenue.

Train your staff

It’s important for those that walk inside your salon not only to benefit from high quality services but to encounter e friendly and pleasant atmosphere. Playing music, encouraging your employees to chitchat with clients are things that can improve the image of your brand. Train your staff to create a great setting, and with positive vibes, clients will naturally want to return. You can even offer your client complimentary drinks or sweets, just to add to the authenticity and friendliness of your salon environment – you have plenty of great options you can consider.

Add new services

Last but not least, instead of having a salon that provides only haircut services, for example, you should consider expanding your perspectives, and adding a few more options. The more services you will be providing, the higher the odds of more people being drawn to your business. From nail art and pedicures to even spa treatments, if you have the necessary space, think about broadening the profile of your salon. A salon that provides versatility in its range of services will always be more appealing to prospective clients.

Despite the many opportunities in terms of profitability a salon can provide you with, considering the high level of competition this industry deals with, facing certain difficulties is natural. Regardless if you have just opened your salon, or have been on the market for quite some time, if your business’ success is not at the level you desire, you have the possibility to implement a few necessary changes that can truly turn around your struggling business. Take into account these few ideas, and you will see how much of a difference each one can make.